10 Best SEO Tactics to Elevate Your WordPress Site Traffic

A strong online identity is the key to a successful website. It helps users reach and contact you for any kind of product or service. Each website owner wants to boost business results and maintain sustainable growth to run a profitable business. When you are running a WordPress website, it becomes essential to follow few of the basic factors that can help expand your business.

SEO is a well-known terminology that most of you might be familiar with to produce good business results. It is simply a set of tactics that can boost your ranking and thus help you gain more traffic.

SEO- An Easy Way to Jump Your Ranking

Search engine optimization is a simple process that you can use to increase your ranking in search results so that the readers will find you easily in the top results, where your customers are most likely to look for answers.

Important Aspects that Greatly Influence Traffic of WordPress Site

There are lot of factors that determine whether or not a WordPress website performs well.

Let’s check out the below list to enhance your business results-

Create High Quality Content

In the web world, it is a very common saying that ‘content is king .’ If you want to engage traffic, rich, quality content is must.

People love quality content by default, and you will benefit without putting too much effort into making SEO strategies.

This content must be fresh, unique, relevant, informative and shareable as well, and must appeal to the readers apart from merely being grammatically correct.

Make Eye-Catchy Posts

When visitors click your website link and reaches you, they must find the design and layout impressive enough. Else, they will be left with no reason to waste his time exploring a dull-looking, clumsy website.

Moreover, the posts which you carry must be organized into small paragraphs with proper subtitles. It offers a decent view and enhanced readability to the users.

Using Links and Anchor Text Correctly

Adding links to the posts is an important step, but  optimizing your SEO efforts is equally important if you want  good results.

Interlinking your posts to the other posts on the website is a general practice but linking your own posts accelerates your SEO efforts along with improving the user experience on your site.

Relevancy matters for sure because you cannot link something that does not relate to your business area. This drives the use of an appropriate anchor text to make a resourceful link.

Use Correct Heading Tags

Another good SEO practice is to  use headings appropriately. Heading tags can be found in your editor and you can choose from headings 1 to 6.

Using heading tags is not only crucial from SEO point of view but also for improving user engagement.

All these headings have a different impact and use throughout your content. Like for say, the H1 tag should always be used for the title of your blog post and must be clear enough and should tell readers what exactly your content is about.

Like H1 heading, you can use H2 tag for additional headings and likewise, H3 and H4 tags for sub-headings and so on.

Optimize Your Media

Media is also an important part of WordPress website that can either ruin or improve your SEO efforts.

Tagging and naming your images is a good step that will likely to improve your chances of being ranked higher in image searches.

Just uploading an image with a complex name is not enough to gain relevancy. When uploading an image to your WordPress website, you will get an option to change its title, add a small caption, alt text and even a description.

Update Older Content

Updating your existing posts and pages is one of the advanced SEO tactics for better results in terms of ranking and generating traffic.

Regular updates is one of Google’s most important ranking criteria when evaluating web pages and this is the reason why they show publishing dates in their search results.

However, updated doesn’t mean new. You can also spruce up an older post with additional data, a new introduction, new images or infographics, or something else that makes it refreshing.

Data Research for Users

SEO revolves primarily around technical aspects, but at the end it is mostly about figuring out what your users want and then offering them exactly the same.

In order to do so, it’s best to know what they’re looking for. The easiest way to find that out would be if they told you directly, right?</

It depends how beautifully you can meet your audience’s needs with your content, the higher the chances they will click your headlines, read your articles, jump on your email list and/or buy your product.

Use SEO Plugins

WordPress plugins come handy for both amateurs and professionals to accomplish best search engine optimization practices.

These SEO plugins allow automatic addition instead of manually inserting SiteMaps, Meta descriptions, and other related necessary SEO details.

Yoast SEO is one such WordPress SEO plugin that a site owner can use to pay attention to the targeted keywords in your blog posts along with adding important elements like meta descriptions, titles, and tags.

There also comes a page analysis feature to help making your content SEO-friendly and much improved from before.

Make Images Compulsory

The images can be used as an integral element to put immense creativity and innovation in your work.

The basic reason behind using them is that the images are supposed to be more explanatory than a big wall of text that doesn’t create much focus of the user

  1. Reliable Hosting

It must be a known fact for site owners that Google has started following page speed ranking pattern since 2016. Apart from basic SEO techniques, you should use a good and reliable hosting for your WordPress website. To use hosting with SSD drives is a beneficial approach in this context. Major hosts like Hostgator and Bluehost use traditional hard drives, while others like Fastcomet with SSD drives can be trusted for flawless hosting services.

Wrapping Up

Content is the pillar of the web without which no business can sustain. This is because the online users can know you only because of the appearance you are showcasing with your website, as they can’t trust you in any other way. So, an intelligent move here is to transform your WordPress website in such a way that it will reflect all the necessary considerations of SEO and thus get good traffic in return.

Author Bio

David Meyer is an experienced WordPress developer working with CSSChopper – PSD to WordPress Company from last few years and likes to write technical blog posts to get good traffic for your WordPress website. He has a great interest in implementing the effective SEO tactics that reflect from his blogs.