Biggest Google Search Algorithm Updates

If you followed the digital search arena closely in 2016, you probably know that Google rolled out several updates in its search algorithm. Some of these updates attracted tremendous interest and attention, but a few were low-key and went unnoticed. Keen digital marketers, however, kept tabs on the updates in an effort to figure out ways to use them optimally in their plans for this year.

Google & the Penguin Update

Among the noteworthy apprises announced by Google in 2016 were the Penguin and the Possum updates. Penguin is a critical part of Google’s core ranking algorithm that crawls websites and was created specifically to constantly check websites for spam.

The good news is that the websites that fixed the issues hampering their rankings can bounce back after Google algorithms reassess their pages thereafter. Moreover, Penguin changes are such that it does not penalize websites for spammy content and practices, but targets and examines only specific pages that contain spam.

Google & the Possum Update

While Penguin updates affected website rankings, the other major Google update, Possum was created to filter out business listings on Google My Business from the Local Pack and Local Finder.

Mobile Friendliness

Google also took steps towards making the digital space more mobile-friendly. It announced an algorithm update that helps in enhancing the effect of ranking signals for pages that are relevant to users’ search and are mobile-friendly.

It Is Necessary to Keep Up With Google’s Updates

Digital marketers are aware of the fact that whenever search algorithms are changed, search results across devices reflect the repercussions. The primary aim of these updates is to assist users with finding the desired information without putting in too much time and effort.

As 2017 takes us into its fold, it is necessary that we keep up with Google’s algorithm updates and their ramifications on website rankings. Doing so can be beneficial for SEO experts, who can work on strategies to enhance website rankings. This is where the importance of having clean SEO practices comes into the picture. Also, generating valuable and unique content will help your website earn credibility.

For your convenience, we have created the following gifographic, which encapsulates all the significant Google search algorithm updates rolled out in 2016. Consider it a recap of the core algorithm updates, AdWords placement, Possum update, the return of the Penguin, and all that made a difference in the search world in the last year