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The Top 20 Business Ideas for 2022

Moving Service Like many service businesses, a moving business is in many ways a great business for first time entrepreneurs. You can start a moving service with no money and no experience. You can start small, even part time and if you want to, you can grow it into a very large business. [caption id="attachment_40190"... READ MORE

How Much Money Can I Earn With My Own Business?

Here’s the hard truth. You can make much more money running your own business than working a normal 9-to-5 job for someone else. Who do you think is the wealthiest person in most towns in the US? The top doctor? The best lawyer? The president of the local bank? No. It’s almost always someone who... READ MORE

Can I Successfully Start My Own Business?

I’ve got great news for you! The short answer is YES! Read on to get the longer answer... Do you need a lot of money to start a business? No. There are many businesses you can start with very little money or even no money. I started most of my 17 businesses with less than... READ MORE

7 Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Follow your passion No matter what your interests and hobbies are, there is a perfect business for you. Starting your own business allows you to zero in on what you really like and make a great living out of it. It’s really motivating to get up every morning and do what you love! Do you... READ MORE

100 Steps to Starting Your Own Business

Hi there! I’m Bob Adams, Harvard MBA and serial entrepreneur. Once I was in your shoes thinking about starting my first business. I had no idea what to do. It was a little scary! But I’m going to make starting a business a lot easier for you - I’m going to show you exactly what... READ MORE

How to Start Your Business Right – 14 Rules for Success

I’m Bob Adams. I have started over a dozen successful businesses. One business I began in my basement apartment with just $1500 and I later sold it for $40 million. I have mastered the art of starting a business with a very small investment and making it into a highly profitable and successful enterprise. I... READ MORE

The 300 Best Small Business Ideas

  Many people believe they cannot find a great business idea. Well, I’ve got great news for you. It’s simply not true! You can find a great business idea! In this article I’ll give you all kinds of great business ideas. But first let me introduce myself. My name is Bob Adams and I have... READ MORE