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How to Start a Business: 8 Critical Steps to Success

You can succeed in starting a business even without any experience and with very little money. But you need to make really good decisions on a number of important issues. Here’s some quick advice on how you can make the very best choices on these critical issues. 1-Find an awesome business idea A great business... READ MORE

7 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Give Up If They Want to be Successful

  At a glance, becoming an entrepreneur seems like the best possible career choice. Who wouldn’t want to start their own business, be their own boss, and make loads of cash? We wish it were that easy! Unfortunately, only a handful of people who go into business for themselves succeed and become profitable entrepreneurs. What... READ MORE

Learning from TV’s Best Boss: Michael Scott’s Hidden Genius

  “And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” The above quote pretty much says it all about TV’s Michael Scott: a boss who acted like he had all of the answers, yet he really knew much less than he led on.... READ MORE

The Top 10 Business Ideas for 2021

While this article presents the top 10 business ideas for 2021, the big question of course is: What is the #1 top business idea for you? There are so many fabulous business ideas to choose from it was hard for me to narrow down this list just to the top 10. But I did it!... READ MORE

How to Enhance Your Personal LinkedIn Page

  LinkedIn: You've seen it evolve from a buzzword to a bona fide networking tool. You’ve received requests from colleagues, friends, and even relatives, some of whom you didn’t even think were active in the business world. You understand fully the importance of the social media platform and know you need to have a presence... READ MORE

LLC, Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship: Which Legal Structure is Best for Your Business?

Before you start your business, you need to give careful thought to the type of legal structure that you will choose. The decision that you make will likely have dramatic implications for years to come, especially regarding personal liability exposure, taxation, your potential to attract investors, and your ability to main control of your company.... READ MORE

42 Home-Based Businesses You Can Start Today

  Can you really start a successful business out of your home? Yes you certainly can! I know because I’ve done it. I’m Bob Adams. I’m a serial entrepreneur and Harvard MBA. I’ve started a number of successful home businesses – including one that I started with $1500 and later sold for $40 million. I... READ MORE