Building Your Own Personal Brand

In the dynamic world of social media, you need to humanize your interactions with your audience and make them feel important. Personalizing your mission statement in order to reach out to potential customers can do wonders for your brand. The brand image that your company portrays is the amalgamation of your business’s identity incorporating all the elements that attract prospective customers and makes them your repeat customers. Besides having a strong brand image and credibility in the market, you need to do personal branding.

Your personal brand is how you appear on the forefront and do justice to the brand image that is created by your company. It gives your customers a reason to choose you over your competitors who have not invested time in developing their personal brand. If you want to be the person people turn to in the specific niche and industry that you operate in, it is essential that people start assigning you a particular identity and consider you as possessing a certain expertise. The main dilemma is how to go about building your personal brand. Here’s how you can kick-start your campaign in the personal branding process:

Identify Where Your True Talent Lies

Before you start investing your resources and time to gain command over a certain market or niche, you need to analyze what you wish to be associated with. You are not the only one striving to make an identity and humanizing your brand identity, so you need to stand out. Having a narrowed-down approach will help you concentrate on things that are most meaningful and relevant to your field, be it finance of marketing. Quality and not quantity is what matters in making yourself known to your target audience.

Stay True to Yourself and Your Purpose

After you have identified where your true potential lies, you need to stay away from faking a profile that you cannot do justice to. Never start your business with a lie, as it is very difficult to convince others about something you do not believe in yourself from the heart. People often disguise their identity to suit trends, but little do they realize that there are certain loopholes that may expose them in public. Working on your personal brand is all about knowing yourself inside and out and being true to yourself. People like to connect with human beings like themselves and not with people who come out pretending to be someone they are not.

Scrutinize Your Social Media Profiles

Your online presence should be impactful and be in line with your brand message. People all over the world have access to your online profile, and it speaks volumes about you as a brand. Think about yourself as a brand and how you can improve yourself on an ongoing basis. You need to present yourself professionally and in the best possible manner. You need to be specific and careful of every move that you make on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The online world is a whole new world of opportunities that you can leverage to support your personal brand and some way or the other create and deliver value to your potential customers. Post content that you want your audience to view and derive some message from related to your brand.

Also, remember that every post that you decide to share, any conversation that you strike and the people you connect with tell the world about your inclinations and the values that you internalize as a brand. Try viewing your brand from a third-party perspective and you will know what to fix on your profile. This is very similar to carrying an internal audit of your social media profiles so that you are able to gauge yourself and know your market standing.

Creating and fostering a personal brand is like reaping what you sow. If you rest your foundation on firm ground and dedicate yourself to nurturing a brand that is in concert with your values, you are bound to see phenomenal success. You just need to stay abreast of recent findings and make sure you are ever evolving.

Rachael Everly is a business and finance enthusiast and writer