Can Being a Green Business Improve Your Profitability?


Being a green business has so many benefits, some of which include reducing your carbon footprint, gaining more exposure, creating a positive reputation, and saving money in certain areas

However, you may wonder whether being a green business can actually improve your profitability, on top of everything else. After all, that’s what business owners want to do most of all, right? This post will tell you everything you need to know about how to profit as a green business.


You Will Attract Environmentally Conscious Customers

More and more individuals are looking to work with companies who are conscious of their eco-footprint. If you are a green business, you can bet you have an edge over businesses in your industry who aren’t as conscious as you. By making it clear that you are working to reduce your carbon footprint, and sharing your values with the world, you’ll make eco-friendly individuals feel more inclined to work with you.

Your green focus could even become your USP, to differentiate you from other businesses in your area. Some businesses out there do everything they can to brand themselves to look like an eco-friendly business, and yet they are nothing of the sort. They’ll use fonts, colors, and images that create that sort of image in people’s minds, knowing full well that it looks as if they are eco-friendly. However, when you do your research, it becomes apparent that they are not. By making it clear that you are, in fact, a green business, people will lean towards you when making a decision about who to work with. A really simple way of making your business “greener” is to introduce a recycling scheme. This can be as simple as recycling materials or you could go one step further and replace products with recycled or even biodegradable products, e.g. biodegradable packaging .


Not only will this attract far more customers, you may also find that eco-friendly businesses who need your product/service will want to work with you. All businesses need to work with other businesses to ensure they are offering the best services to their customers. Now, eco-friendly businesses are sticking together!


Saving Money In Different Areas

You’re also more than likely going to save money by becoming a green business. While some aspects may be a little more expensive, such as buying eco-friendly bulbs and paper, sometimes you will save huge chunks of money. Simply by changing the type of bulbs you use, you could save a lot of money. Image Installation and Maintenance has created a calculator to show you exactly how much you save by switching your bulbs in your business signs to LEDs.

Also, think about this: do you think it’s more eco-friendly to buy a used computer or a new computer? The former, of course. Just think of how much you can save in instances like this, to be put towards other things. You could save hundreds just by making sure you don’t buy brand new. In many cases, you can find equipment and furniture that has absolutely nothing wrong with it, and is virtually new at a fraction of the price. This is kinder to your budget and much better for the environment.

In conclusion: yes. Being a green business really can improve your profitability . Don’t hesitate to take the steps to make your business greener, and you’ll soon reap the benefits it has to offer!