Designing an Office Space that Turns Work into Pleasure

The appeal of a work environment is equally important to those who spend hours every day in it and those who pay a visit to their business partners. Employees are much more likely to perform and feel better in nicely decorated and equipped offices, while prospective and returning clients may be able to learn a lot about your company and its business identity just by glancing at the interior.

Whether there’s a need for a complete makeover or just simple, small changes that improve both the conditions and image, an interior designer is probably the best person to ask. Still, you need to recognize the needs of workers and current trends in order to be able to make the most of the renovation and redecoration process.

Seeking Inspiration

Although most people think of sterile, bland places when offices are mentioned, that really doesn’t have to be the case. Both employees and clients can be inspired by extraordinary combinations of styles and textures, vintage and modern, rustic and industrial.

Another element that should find its way into your office is nature, either in the shape of a potted plant or a photo of a breathtaking landscape. It doesn’t only provide inspiration but also warms the space.

Colors and Lights are Vital

If you flip through any magazine dedicated to interior design, you’re bound to come across images of offices where deep colors, such as dark grey, rule. If you think of them as a base to which you can add various elements, your options become limitless.

Details in bold colors and eccentric accents will provide life and depth to the space, while large-scale patterns on the floor are taking the world of office interior design by storm. You can even have mismatched tiles installed yet keep the professional look of your office.

As for the lighting solutions, it’s a well-known fact that skilfully arranged task lights will make your office space more productive, but if you combine them with, say, contemporary recessed LED downlights, you will also create a truly relaxing working environment.

Importance of Comfort

If people spend around eight hours at work, they deserve to have the best possible conditions and as much comfort as possible. Having unsuitable chairs and desks has a negative effect on people’s health, which is why ergonomic furniture is a must. Luckily, most pieces now feature adjustable headrests and armrests.

Even though significant breakthroughs have been made in terms of materials used, you should always put functionality and flexibility before the visuals. Right now, the most desirable offices feature elements of multi-purpose design, which is not only practical but also quite sleek and stylish.

Going Green

Your company may not only act more responsibly in terms of energy consumption, it can also save money by using renewable sources of energy. For instance, having windows with solar cells in the glass (so called “photovoltaic glass”) is not only fashionable, it reduces the carbon footprint and makes your operations more sustainable.


Depending on the type of work done in modern office interiors, there are many different design solutions that can streamline the process and facilitate communication and transfer of knowledge. Traditional desk arrangements are making way for open-floor solutions, which provide freedom of movement, improve productivity and create better atmosphere in the company by fostering team spirit.

Regardless of whether we talk about residential or commercial interior design, trends are changing fast and constantly. Naturally, it’s impossible for most businesses to keep abreast with every single change, since they don’t only require substantial funds but also frequent interruptions of the business processes by redecoration works.

Still, changes can’t be overlooked. People nowadays expect to see effort has been made into organising a work space. They expect your office to say a lot about your company and the way it treats not only clients and partners but also its employees and the environment. So, before giving up on the idea of renovating or even relocating your business, think about the benefits of such a move.