Diversifying Your Business Investment Holdings

Diversification is the most fundamental rule of investing.  Even the most inexperienced investor probably understands the concept of not putting all the eggs in one basket.

Yet the occasional story of flash-in-the-pan stocks that make instant millionaires still gets a few people to think too narrowly every year. They think they’ll get rich quick, then find that it’s only a very small percentage of stocks that perform that way. By that time, it’s too late.

For business owners, it’s even more important to avoid these missteps. Not only is your personal financial security on the line, but the incomes and investments of your employees as well. That’s to say nothing of the vendors, suppliers, and distributors of your products.

If you’re working on building an investment plan for your business revenues, there are some interesting strategies beyond the familiar T-bills and mutual funds that you can use to keep your money safe while still letting it grow.


We all hear a lot in the news about the instability of currencies. The dollar goes up and down, the yen bounces all over the place. The euro does well, then Brexit comes along and it’s thrown into question as well.

The fundamental weaknesses of currencies lie in two areas:  First, they’re heavily subjective. They have value because people think they have value. Should public opinion turn a different way, the currency can plummet. And second, the quantity of currency can be increased. There’s no cap on the number of dollars that the Bureau of Engraving & Printing can churn out.

So along comes bitcoin. This unique form of money is its own standard, not backed by any other currency or even by gold. It is limited to 21 billion units, meaning that any bitcoin you hold will only go up in value. And you can earn it just by helping support its operation. You simply learn  how to mine bitcoin and you start earning it. You can also buy it outright.

Investing In Yourself

Financial instruments of any kind require a rather high degree of trust in the people who are making decisions beyond your control. That’s why stockholders are so demanding of the boards and employees that operate their holdings.

Who is more deserving of your trust than you? Think about what money is available for investment. Then consider that great idea that you’ve been sitting on, waiting for an idea of how to finance it. The answer might be right there in your lap.

Of course, it’s not quite that simple, but sometimes the best way to build your financial base is to start at home with your next million-dollar idea.


Remember when you were that starry-eyed entrepreneur with big plans and a little bit of cash? As you think about investments, you may realize that you weren’t the last person to feel that way–or the last one to be right.

Somewhere out there right now is someone with a big idea, one that will make them rich. They just need a little infusion of capital to make it happen, and sometimes, venture investments provide it. Now it’s not a good idea to sign on with just anyone with a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to do a good assessment

Get to know the person first. Is this someone with a level head or just silly ideas? If you had come up with the project, would you have tried to develop it? Finally, make sure that there is a personal financial stake in it for the entrepreneur. If he or she hasn’t committed, why should you? There should also be other investors already on board as well.

Investing your business profits can help protect your financial health from economic downturns and build reserves when things are going well. There are lots of ways to invest now, so think a little differently about your choices.