Dog Sitting: the New Side-Gig Frontier

Create a profile on a site like and open up your bank account to the cash-making possibilities dog sitting can bring. As a dog-sitter, you can find opportunities that can take several forms, introduce you to sweet new canine friends, and pad your budget like never before. allows you to set preferences to tailor your dog sitting services to fit your schedule and your care skills. Not only can you set your Rover calendar to advertise availability (and blackout dates you’re unable to dog sit), but you can specify what breeds and dog sizes you’re comfortable caring for, what sort of activities you can provide and what your home can accommodate (or whether you’d prefer going to the client’s home to provide care).

Learn more out the best ways to provide canine care and make extra cash.

Overnight Stays

Do you live in a home that’s especially dog-friendly, e.g. has a big yard, great nearby walking paths and fido-welcoming furniture? You may be able to charge higher daily rates for the kind of care that will make pups feel at home, and let their owners leave for the weekend with relief knowing their dog is in a safe, fun and friendly place.

Dog Walking

Live in an apartment that doesn’t allow you to provide overnight canine care? There’s a huge demand for daily dog walking, especially from people who are unable to take their pups to work or visit them during the day. If you have a flexible schedule, work multiple jobs and/or work remotely, this could be the perfect option for supplementing your income—and giving you some extra exercise!

Doggy Daycare

An expansion on giving pups a walking break while their owner is at work, providing a full day of care is a fantastic resource for people whose dogs are high-energy or require a lot of attention and affection.

Once You’ve Established Yourself

After you’ve accrued a few Rover gigs and gotten along famously with clients and—most importantly—their four-legged loves, there’s a great chance you’ll get repeat requests to take care of the pups that loved you so much the first time around.

Adjust Your Rates
As mentioned above, your ability to offer special elements like a large yard can be cause for a bump in your dog sitting rates. Other incentives that could raise your stock are willingness to take Buddy for higher-aerobic adventures like runs, hikes and dog park romps.

Offer Dog-Sitting During Holidays
Often the availability of dog sitters dips over busy weekends like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and so on. If your holiday plans don’t take you out of town, make sure to highlight that availability to past clients or on your profile—you may be able to charge higher holiday rates.