Email Marketing for Business: The Price to Start

$20,000 for the 4 days of the mass mailing promotion was the profit of a small medical device company. Impressive, isn’t it?

That is not a luck, but the result of the professional email campaign built in years. So, with the right strategy and tools, everyone could reach this point and even better.

But the question is ─ How much money you should spend to get such results today?

The AtomPark Software team not only develops instruments for Email and SMS marketing but cares about the success of their clients. Thus, in this article, we’ll tell you the real price of the pro email campaigns and how to reduce it without the harm for its efficiency.

Everybody loves email marketing

First, let’s define why this promotion tool brings money.

People subscribe to email newsletters because this is an unobtrusive way to:

– learn about the interesting topics;
– stay up-to-date with the brand news;
– get special offers, sales.


Mass mailing campaigns for businesses are the perfect way to catch the hearts of potential clients and turn them into loyal clients. Moreover, this is a great tool of brand promotion and sales because of the:

  • Conversions ─ In comparison with other marketing fields, it has the best visibility among users.


  • Cost effectivity ─ email campaigns are known for their high ROI. It is 4x higher than in other marketing formats:


Why not to check the last entry from the list above? How much money should you spend on the professional email campaigns to get the first income.

Email Marketing Strategy: The steps you should pass before the start

To make our calculations closer to real life let’s imagine a typical situation: Max is the small business owner who wants to comprehend the power of email marketing.


His brand has a good product to sell but a small client database.

With the help of email marketing, Max wants to grow his email list and transform the subscribers into the loyal clients of the brand.

Here are the standard steps he should follow to reach this goal:

1.Build the mailing list

First of all, Max should choose the tactic on how to attract people to subscribe to the brand newsletters.

Here are some tips to succeed:

  • Place the subscription form on your website page;
  • Think over the variants of the email extraction programs;
  • Use pop-ups or slide-ins:


  • Create a survey:


  • Use a wheel of luck – quite a popular format of holiday sales. A user should enter its email to get the opportunity to win discount:


  • Think over the lead magnet ─ the benefits people get joining your list (discounts, the list of secret tips, free trial, interesting book, etc.).
  • Share this offer on social networks;
  • Promote this news with the Google ads, Facebook, Instagram ads.

To make the next step more concrete, imagine, that with one of these instruments Max collected, for example, 20 000 email addresses.

2.Manage the mailing list

There are two main rules to follow:

  • Before start sending you should be sure that the addresses you collected are valid. Otherwise, you’ll waste money sending emails to the non-existent recipients or see your efforts in the junk folders. So you should think over the choice of the email validation tool.
  • Segment it to personalize the newsletter content and make it relevant according to the interests of a potential client.


Back to our situation: after all these steps the number of valid email addresses in Max’s mailing list reduced to 14 000. And the only thing that left before the start is to work over the email campaign content and design.

3. Create an email newsletter to send

So, our character has an opportunity to tell 14 000 recipients about how cool his product is. Time to think about the content:

  • Choose an idea and format of your campaign. If it would be the sales email promotion ─ think over its terms, discount size, the special benefits for your email subscribers.
  • Mind the design and the text itself, CTA’s.
  • Care about the mobile optimization:


  • Pay attention to the time of start, test it and send.

The only thing left is to monitor the results.

Theoretically, together with Max, we’ve just done the first mass mailing campaign. So, how much money was spent on it?

Let’s calculate the cost of Email Marketing

Max self manages this campaign, so let’s count the average price of the tools he has use.


So if to sum up the overage price of Max’s email campaign without special design is about $600.

Of course, this price is real only if you make all the steps by yourself:

  • without the help of the email designer who could make the visual part of the newsletter;
  • without the professional email marketing specialist.

It means that you should be aware of the details of the email marketing well enough to make all the necessary actions regularly on your own.

Anyway, you can half reduce the charge of your campaigns with a complex 9 in 1 program Atomic Email Studio.

Even the best marketers can be lost in a number of variants when it comes to the choice of the perfect tool for each step of the email campaign. It’s much easier to keep all the tools from the list above in one program.

With the Atomic Email Studio, you have all the necessary tools to search for email addresses, validate them, create and send newsletters, and then, get the results for the $229.


Left extra money?

If you want to boost the success of your email campaign think over the sales promotion via the mass text messages.

As a part of the cross channel marketing trend bulk texting could double power the effect of your email efforts. For example, you can add the link of the web version of your email newsletter into the body of the SMS with the relevant text.

With the low-cost bulk SMS sending tool you would increase the chances of offer to be noticed by the potential clients.