Google’s Excellent Pay-Per-Click Tricks To Save Your Business Money

Businesses can get more traffic and sales through effective use of advertising. When productive advertising carries out, businesses can see obvious results. Online advertising is the modern way to increase awareness of products or services. Many companies use pay-per-click advertisements to drive traffic to their sites for producing conversions or ad leads.

You can also use PPC to find the best keywords for your business. AdWords, Google’s PPC service, combined with SEO optimization, is a trendy approach to market the products. Even Yahoo and Bing have such services. With ideal optimization, a business can rank high on search engines and bring in new leads too.

E-commerce websites not only rely on traditional advertising practices but also depend on PPC advertising. When the visitors click on the ads displayed on the site, Google obtains money. Below are some PPC advertising tricks that will your business perform well on SEO, produce more leads, and save you money.

#1 Ad Schedule:

Ad scheduling is a significant feature of PPC advertising. It is important for service-oriented industries. According to the default setting, you can find ads on search engines all day long, but businesses aren’t aware that they can exhibit their ads can exhibit only when they want the ads to show. So, you can bid your ad for a specific time and execute it in that way.

You can also increase your time slot or days. Thus you can be sure that your ad campaign performs at a time when you can higher numbers of sales inside your budget. On learning from your campaign record, you can know at which time of the day you can convert greater sales and thus place your ad campaigns.

#2 Selection of Keywords

Marketers should have an understanding of the right terms and select them in the keyword tab of their ad campaigns.  You need to choose high performing keywords for your content that will place your website higher up on Google and other search engines. These selective keywords can also help you enlarge the search base of your products. The keywords have to be applicable keeping the mindset of searchers. Correct keywords and phrase matches fetch appropriate traffic. Long-tail keywords generally get more impressions than the phrase match.

#3 Quality Score

You can use ‘quality score’ to know how well your keywords are performing. You can judge your keywords on 1-10 scaling and improve as required. Google also takes into note whether your ad campaigns, keywords and landing pages relates to the users or not. When the quality score is high, you will get a higher rank on SEO result for a low price. A higher score shows excellent ad performance. This also affects cost per click.

The A/B testing stands as an important concept of PPC. At times, a single ad falls short of bringing success, so testing aids in boosting the quality score. To lessen the price, quality score needs to improve. Thus all the statistics should be well-tested on a daily basis. It highlights on all sides of your campaign. A plain call-to-action assists the visitors by telling them about the displayed ads. This also keeps you from getting wrong clicks on your ads. Distinct extensions help visitors to get to the company and mitigate the opportunity of misplaced clicks.

#4 Negative Keywords:

Negative keywords should not describe your products. Instead they should help filter the unqualified clicks. As per the Google, while using negative keywords, your advertisement will prevent from showing the search results for specific words or phrases. You can jot down a list of those negative keywords and further apply them in your PPC ads. Negative keywords will shield your ad to display on the search result.

#5 Keep Testing:

In the digital marketing sector, one needs to have two ad copies in hand and run both in order to determine which will help you select the best performing ad copy. You can gradually figure out which ad acquires you more clicks at lower costs. Begin your ad campaign with 4-set ad copies and notice which one of them works great for you. With PPC advertisement, you can save your money in the ongoing process. Thus when you use the right kind of keywords, and check the quality score and the ad copy, you can approach with useful PPC campaign.

#6 Landing Page Optimization:

A landing page reflects as an ideal page that exhibits a customized message based on your services or products. It presents solid information about your company and its features and product descriptions. It is a designed segment which may display offers, discounts or a single product. The goal of crafting a landing page is to catch the attention of quality visitors who may buy your products now or in near future.

A landing page is a key tool for generating a brand image. You should display particular product or product category on your e-commerce website. Landing pages fetch you with more conversion and also aids in calculating clicks than the home page.

Wrap up

Campaign owners should hold high budget in hand. This will help them invest in order to display their ads to prospective visitors and offer more benefit. A designed ad campaign will not only enhance revenue but also build a better brand image. You guys can use the Google Pay-per-click tricks listed above for your website and that will get you more traffic, lead and sales. These PPC advertising will also push your site higher up on search engine results page. Do let us know about the benefits you gain from PPC ads by sharing your comments below!


Joseph Payne is the marketing manager at, deals and discounts provider company. He is passionate about money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Joseph also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.