How BusinessTown Can Help Drive Your Business Ahead

I started BusinessTown twenty years ago to help people “start and run a small business without losing their shirt, their sleep, or their sanity!”

At that time, I was running three other businesses and writing books on small business in my spare moments. Today, I am re-launching BusinessTown with totally updated and expanded content, a total conversion of almost all content to video format, a total site redesign, and the addition of new features. At this point, BusinessTown has become a full-time effort, not only for myself but also for our growing staff.

The core mission of BusinessTown remains unchanged. I continue to strive to help people start and succeed in business – and in particular avoid some of the many pitfalls, landmines, alligator swamps, and booby traps that I have encountered in my myriad business endeavors.

I remain more convinced than ever that most people in business, even seasoned entrepreneurs, could be vastly more successful than they currently are. Often, I believe the key to success is not working longer or working harder, but working with an open mind You need to try new things. You should be strategizing and planning frequently. And, perhaps most importantly, you should do what all human beings really hate to do: think deeply and question existing ways of doing things.

In a nutshell, too often as entrepreneurs we spend too much energy working in the business and not enough energy working on the business.

Sometimes we just don’t know which levers to pull to help avoid trouble, increase our chances of success and take our business to the next level. At BusinessTown, I am doing everything I can do to lead you to the levers that you can pull to send your business soaring. However, I can’t pull the lever for you…you must do that yourself!

Welcome to BusinessTown!

Bob Adams