How to Create a Safe and Healthy Workplace In 5 Easy Steps


As a leader, you have many responsibilities. One of the priorities is the welfare of your employees. Apart from the usual, legal issues that protect the workforce, there’s a lot you can do simply by acting with a specific mindset that can benefit the employees.

The environment people spend a great portion of their day in greatly influences their mood, health, energy and performance. That being said, the following tips can really help you on your mission towards creating a safe and healthy workplace.

Proper safety plan

The first thing you should do is create a proper safety plan for your employees. Accidents that can happen during working hours should have minimal consequences thanks to your plan. This means having proper equipment necessary for the type of work that you do and issues associated with that specific job. Safety exits are a must and employees should all be informed about safety protocols so that they know what to do and where to go in case of danger.

Invest in uniforms

If your business and workforce require special uniforms that would protect them additionally on the job, make sure to invest in top quality uniforms.

If your employees notice that you’re being cheap about something as important as the effectiveness of the work uniform, they won’t feel safe or content with your leadership. Not to mention that in some professions, the quality of the uniform makes a huge difference when it comes to worker’s safety.

Thorough checkup

If your employees deal with specific tools and machinery at their workplace, it’s of utmost importance that you check these devices to make sure that they are in good working order and safe to use.

Even if you run a typical office business, you still need to secure that all the electrical outlets and cords are not damaged. Constant checkups like these will surely make the employees feel a lot safer and more protected while you’ll positively maintain the tools and electricity in order to reduce the risk of any danger.

Keep things clean

It’s very important to have employees who want to contribute to the clean, fresh and healthy environment at their workplace.

Therefore, openly talking about what they can do to avoid mess, clutter, accumulated garbage and odor can really help.

Regardless of the specific profession, you belong to, proper waste classification will always make things safer and cleaner. Also, don’t forget to do your part. Make sure that there’s always soap and paper towels in the bathroom…

Promote health

In all honesty, adults rarely find the time to schedule regular doctor appointments and go through thorough health checkups. If you, as a person who is responsible for your workforce, organize these checkups on a regular basis, you’ll positively improve the wellbeing of your employees and also earn their respect.

Moreover, don’t forget to always have an adequate first aid kit prepared for the workplace. That way, all injuries that do not require medical attention can be treated immediately.

If you want to create a safe and healthy environment in the workplace as, it’s essential that you closely observe and get involved with your employees. Separating yourself from the workforce and putting yourself above them will create a gap that’s really bad for fostering a healthy work relationship.

Of course, being a boss means that you have to be strict about certain rules and take your position very seriously, but your employees will certainly feel and actually be safer and healthier with your first-hand intervention.


Stacey Cooper is a contributor.