How to Create An Effective Team Environment


So, you have assembled a team of skillful individuals and want them to boost your business as much as they can. How exactly do you do it? Clearly, you need to get most out of each member of the team but how do you ensure that they do their best?

The Team Environment Is Key

The answer is simple: the environment. This does not mean trees and atmospheric conditions but rather the environment in which the team has to work, which needs to foster collaboration. The formula for this environment is also pretty straightforward: everyone needs to feel accepted, respected, encouraged, motivated, and, most of all, happy. Nice and simple, right?

Well, as simple as this formula sounds, establishing the team environment requires you to apply an extra effort because the process of creating a positive workplace cannot be completed overnight. Do not be discouraged, though, because when you create and maintain it, you will achieve your main purpose of advancing your business to new heights.

Here are a few valuable tips for you to get started on building an excellent team environment.

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

Let’s say the team has been assembled and awaits your instructions. You need to move your business forward as fast as you can, so you give them some pretty difficult tasks to deliver with short deadlines right from the start. That might be a tough test. Do not be surprised if you find out that the team has failed to deliver everything you asked for because they are human beings that need reasonable time to accomplish what is needed from them.

The goals and expectations should be discussed with the team members to ensure that they are capable of achieving everything in time and that they understand their tasks and responsibilities. This problem is especially ‘popular’ in new teams who were just assembled.

Support Team Spirit

Even though team members can get along initially, the community spirit needs to be maintained and promoted in everything they do. There are some specific activities used by modern companies to promote the idea of the team as a family, including networking and team building activities.

Networking involves meeting and sharing information about yourself and your goals with the people you will be working together in a team. People need to listen, advice, and give feedback, which is great for connecting and bonding.

Team building activities include various games and exercises that aim to form a cohesive unit out of a group of people by having them perform certain tasks. These activities help define the team’s skills and increase the speed of collaborative problem-solving.

Invest In Team Skills

Some members of the team might not be experts in all aspects of their work and tasks, so improving their skills might be a good idea at some stage.

Today, many companies use mentoring, seminars, conferences, and other programs to enhance the skills of their employees and show their support. This strategy is beneficial for all parties involved: companies receive more skilled employees and reduce turnover while the latter become more competitive on the labor market. Moreover, this way company shows that the team is not working a dead-end job that will only cause frustration.

Show That You Care

A team leader who is available to their employees will definitely be more successful than the one who is not.

The reason for this formula is simple: the employees, in the first case, will feel appreciated and cared while in the second case, they will feel abandoned or even isolated. A proper team environment can be created only when the leaders shows they care for the team.

According to Kyrie Westgate, a team building expert from Proessaywriting, a recent Employee Engagement Survey showed that only 72 percent of employees felt they received adequate recognition and care from employers. This tells us that the percentage of unhappy employees nowadays is high, which means it is always a good time to show some appreciation and care if you are a team leader.

There are many ways to show care and appreciation for employees. They include praise for excellent job, asking them about their interests, offering a flexible schedule, bonuses, gifts, and even a simple “thank you.” All of them will go a long way in establishing rapport, trust and positive atmosphere in the company.

Listen and Respect the Ideas of Others

Working in a team often involves brainstorming. Clearly, this essential function needs to be as effective as it can be. The leader should genuinely listen to all ideas presented by the team members in order to show that their opinion is valued.

On the other hand, if the leader tends to criticize and downgrade the talent of team members by emphasizing the shortcomings of their ideas, the brainstorming will not be as productive as required. The employees will simply lose the motivation to contribute because they might become emotionally uninvolved or uninterested.

To avoid that, make sure that you listen to the ideas of your employees and give only constructive criticism if necessary. Eventually, effective listening will make you a better leader as well.

Let the process begin!

Building an effective team environment is a complex process that requires a substantial effort from the leader. Go ahead and use these tips today to ensure that your team environment building process goes smoothly and appropriately.

Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at A-writer. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals.