How to Move Your Company to a New Location

If your business is expanding, this means you have more clients, customers, and equipment. Expanding a company usually calls for a bigger office space. In order to move your company with little-to-no business interruptions, you need to plan your move. Below are five tips on how to move your company to a new location.

Create a Timeline

First, you should create a timeline that indicates what steps you need to take before the day of your planned move. For instance, you will need to let employees know about the move and change/update licenses, insurance policies, and internet and phone services. You also need to plan for when everyone should start packing up the office. For a small office, you should create your timeline to begin at least three months before your move. If you have a medium to large office, you need to plan six to eight months ahead of time.

Gather a Team

Next, you need to gather a team that will help you with your move. The team can consist of supervisors or managers from different departments who will help make sure everything stays on schedule and everyone does his or her part to ensure a smooth move. It’s important to have regular meetings to make sure everyone is on target and completing tasks according to your timeline. Creating a checklist in addition to a timeline will help you determine what else needs to be done.

Make a Budget

While you’re planning your move, you”ll also need to budget for the costs of your move. You may need to have construction done at your new workplace that requires heavy equipment , so you should include that in your budget. The cost of movers should also be included. If you”ll need new furniture or other necessities for your new office, you’ll need to include this. Making sure that you can cover the costs for everything you need in order to move should be planned for in the beginning stages of your move.

Hire Movers

As mentioned previously, you’ll need to hire movers about one to three months before your move. You or your team should call around for quotes from various movers so that you can get the best moving rates. In addition to the rates, you want to make sure you hire a reputable company that’s reliable and has successfully handled office moves. You may also need cleaning, painting, and carpenter services for both your new and old offices, which should be handled the same as the moving company.

Reach Out to Vendors

Around this time you should also update your vendors and let them know about your move. This way they can update your shipping and billing addresses in their systems. You should reschedule any vendor deliveries that may conflict with your move date. Your clients should also be notified that you are moving. You can call them, send emails, or print business cards with your new address for them. Your website should also be updated with the new address. Any appointments that may be on or around your move date should be rescheduled for after your office move.