How to Write an Effective Slogan


Coming up with the perfect slogan for a company is just like coming up with its business name – it takes a lot of effort and certainly a great amount of time. If a business name creates the personal identity of a company, the slogan serves as the public relations officer of that identity. It aims to send out the word of what the business is like, its identity and how it will serve and cater to its potential customers and clients.

The slogan of a company is the starting point of marketing and selling your product. It is the unifying message which you send out to your potential customers and clients of what the organization can give and can do to its market – what does it offer that is uniquely different from others in the industry and how does it differ from others in the same industry?

Some Powerful Slogans

Some powerful slogans of all time are as follows:

Just do it. (Nike)
Connecting people. (Nokia)
Think small. (Volkswagen)
The happiest place on earth. (Disneyland)
I’m lovin it. (McDonalds)
A diamond is forever. (De Beers)

How Do You Find a Good Slogan?

In writing an effective slogan for a company, the following questions shall be considered:

What is the brand of your company?
What does it offer to its customers?
How does your product differ from other brands?
What kind of emotion do you want your potential customers to feel?
What are the vision and the mission of the company?

An effective slogan has the following characteristics:

Short and simple
Imparts positive feelings
Clues benefits
Differentiates the brand from others

You can follow these tips in writing an effective slogan for your brand.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key. When you brainstormed for the business name and the brand equity you are trying to impart to potential customers, you considered several factors such as the product, the company’s mission and vision, your identity and your business identity. When you think of a marketing strategy, you consider how you are going to present the product to the market. Thus, in coming up with a slogan, make sure that it is consistent with these factors.

Be Unique and Different

Be unique and different. Although some may resort to copying and imitating an already popular slogan, it is not advisable for a business to resort to such imitation. Even if you catch the attention of your target market, their attention will not forever stay with your brand. Moreover, if you just copy an existing and tested tagline, you can face a legal battle over it, which is a pretty bad image for your company. You can get ideas from the slogans submitted to Squadhelp. These are some of my favorites:

“Say hello to good buys.” – for a discount store for liquidation and closeouts
“Maybe kiss. Definitely tell.” – for an online dating application
“Where fitness meets lifestyle.” – for a health & wellness company

Keep It Short and Simple

KISS (Keep It Short and Simple). Some marketers say that a longer slogan is effective because it can explain everything you need with your product. However, the problem with longer slogans and complicated ones is that they cannot be easily recalled by the person who hears it for the first time. Its message and context will be hard to grasp. Keeping it short and simple makes it welcoming to an ordinary person’s ears and eyes. Chances are, they can stay in one’s memory longer. Take for example, “Just do it.” (by Nike). Who cannot remember that? It is very short and simple, yet it sends out a positive vibe of courage and inspiration – just do what you think you want to do; take action.

Be Honest and Real

Be honest and be real. Do not say something which is impossible for the company to deliver. Do not make promises which are meant to be broken. Some examples are: “The lowest price in the market!” (even when you know there are competitors offering the same with a lower price). Also, do not go for candy-coated adjectives or too perfect taglines. People will have an impression of a “too-good-to-be-true” brand, even if what you are saying is, indeed, true. For example: “The number 1 in the industry.” Maybe you are number 1 in the industry, but that is hard to substantiate.

Focus on customer benefits. What can your product do which is beneficial to your customers? Or what does it offer which is more comfortable to your consumers. Take for example M&M’s “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.” Is it not something most consumers would prefer when eating a pack of chocolate? Or Nokia’s “Connecting people.” Is it not we all want if we own a cellular phone? These are just some examples which can serve as your inspiration and model in making your own slogan.

More importantly, you should always remember that slogans are just one of the marketing strategies for your business. There are several strategies which you should also consider. You may have the best and the most effective slogan in the industry, but make sure that you also deliver what your slogan assures the people. Remember, the best marketing strategy will always be customer satisfaction.


Dan Taylor is a Contributor.