Impressive Office Design Inspiration from Global Companies

An office must be a place where the employees don’t feel the Monday blues and can fill in their souls with energy and enthusiasm to work harder. Vibrant colors and fun-filled casual interiors make the workplace a lot of fun to be in.

Companies are coming up with a new trend in the work culture, breaking the barriers of the traditional workspace and style of working. It is always said that a house becomes a perfect place to live when it has all the essentials to make you happier. It is the same with work space, too; make it lively, and people will be lining up to work in such a space.

How interesting it would be if you could directly move around your space and talk to the most important people of your company right on your floor, skipping the hierarchy? These specially designed offices are keeping the motivational factor for employees at a peak. These kinds of offices instill high energy levels and inspiration in all employees and help them swim through even the toughest deadlines. Many of the startup firms in India belonging to different sectors are adapting these unique styles to pep up their workspaces.

Here are a few businesses that have worked to make the employees’ lives easier:


Myntra is one of the leading fashion stores in India. With online shopping getting more popular than ever, there is a huge demand for creative decor in offices. The fancier their ads are on the TV, the more fanciful their offices are, too. Myntra showcases the new generation of fashion, and their offices keep up their standards just as the trendy clothes in their store do. The office makes you feel awesome to be in, like a park. There are shops with glass windows displaying the new trends in fashion. Trendy colors, floor designs, attractive wallpapers, etc., add to the flavor of the complete office.

Such spaces make it easier to work in, even with tough and hectic work. The colorful ambiance just freshens up the employees.

GSN Games

GSN Games by Sony Pictures is all about gaming, and the office atmosphere suits the company very well. The overall idea of putting up a quirky and ideal place for game builders has made the GSN Games offices a great workplace. The unique interiors consist of various plants to showcase the greenery and the peppy colors that are used on different walls, and various wallpapers and wall-hangings are spectacular. The office contains various booth-style workspaces, open benches, standing high desks, glass walls for meeting rooms, etc. The lighting solutions add more beauty to the floor overall. The carpet patterns are complex but attractive. Even a basketball court is found in the space. A gym is also accommodated in the office to facilitate fitness.

The peculiar style of embedding plants in the office space lets a breath of fresh air inside. The collaborative environment freshly blends play and work very well. The major idea behind creating such workspaces is to help make the office look more appealing so employees can work productively and relax.

Google Office, Zurich

Google is perhaps one of the most employee-friendly organizations in the world. While they make sure they provide a very casual and productive work environment for their employees, their office in Zurich is particularly popular for its peppy, colorful and unusually fun interiors. There are game and play stations inside the office. There’s a place for exercise and a well-stocked cafeteria. They have cable-car like cubicles for discussions and slides inside the office for the employees to quickly descend from the upper floor!

No wonder people are dying to get a job at Google in any of the offices! They definitely know how to make the work place creative, productive and fun all at the same time. Have a look at Google’s Dubai office, too!

InMobi, Bangalore

Mobile technology is a trending business. InMobi is one such trending firm coming up in the market of mobile technology. InMobi takes interest in engaging customers worldwide, and they keep up the same pattern of interest in designing their office spaces, too. The pioneers in mobile advertising keep not only their customers happy but also their employees.

Fun unlimited is the theme of the office. The trendy and fun-filled interiors of the office keep visitors as well as employees in a vibrant mood. These cool offices have empowered employees to work happily. The desks in the offices are made of white films, which even be used as white boards. The sitting areas contain swings to create a cozy and comfortable work area. The office also contains a music room and sports area, and the ceilings contain beautiful hangings. The colorful ambiance is sure to take the breath away.

Lego, Denmark

We have all played with Lego building blocks, and their office is as amazing! The office is made up of bright-colored Lego structures that keep the employees intrigued as well as vibrant and productive. The slides and unique seating arrangements keep young minds as productive the way Lego blocks keep children busy!

Museum of the Future, Dubai

This is world’s first ever 3D printed office is in Dubai. This is Dubai’s answer to futuristic office design and construction. It is a revolutionary concept that was made a reality with the help of the Dubai Government for the promotion of digital technology in futuristic creations. It is not only a museum that showcases the different creations using 3D printing technology, it also serves as a facility for learning and conducting various workshops on futuristic technological inventions and ideas.

TBWA/Raad, Dubai

Creative advertising minds definitely need an equally challenging and creative workplace. That’s the basic idea behind TBWA/Raad’s latest Dubai office, which looks colorful and chic. It looks more like a fun place to be in rather than an office. But that’s definitely how the creative minds work best! The office contains toy helicopters, a mini-basketball court, indoor gardens, table football, etc. Those amenities keep employees totally stress-free and all the more energetic and productive.

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