How to Improve Your Brand Identity by Redesigning Your Logo

Many entrepreneurs believe that once they’ve created a logo for their company there is no need to ever revisit this issue, or at least not in the near future. What they don’t understand, however, is that a logo is, in many ways, a product with its own shelf life.

Refreshing your logo means refreshing your brand and staying relevant, which is necessary if you want your customers to get the impression that your company is growing and developing — in other words, that it’s alive. How you go about redesigning your logo depends on many things, but there are some considerations you need to take into account.

Define Your Audience

In order to create a logo that is appealing and that reflects your company’s attitudes and values properly, you need to know who your target group is. Nowadays, logos are used across all media, and you want yours to stand out.

Be Patient

The first idea is rarely the best one, at least when it comes to logo design. Even if you’ve hired a professional designer, you should at least sketch some of your ideas. They might prove useful in creating an optimal solution by giving hints to the designer.

Simple is Beautiful

Your logo should be direct and easy to understand, and should not look like anything people have already seen. Also, it must not create ambiguity or confusion but instead convey the opposite – straightforwardness.

Sizes Matter

Since it is supposed to be used for different purposes in different environments and across various media, your logo should not lose its appeal and recognizability when presented in different sizes.

When it comes to adapting your logo for the purpose of branded stationery, you need help from an expert. “Most people nowadays prefer simple but stylish solutions,” say experts from Liquid Creativity, a branding agency in Melbourne.


There’s so much that your choice of colors reveals about you and your company. Think about what emotion you’d like to evoke and what action you’d like people to take, and your designer will have a pretty clear idea about the colours they should use.

Consult Others

When you narrow down your choice to 3-4 ideas, consult others whose judgement you trust, and ask how they feel about the presented solutions. Take their opinion into account when making the final decision.

Reduce as Much as Possible

If you think that a suggestion for your logo is too elaborate, try removing some of the details. If it still conveys the same message, those details are unnecessary. The thing with details is that they show someone has invested time and effort, but apart from visual appeal they often serve no other function. Any experienced designer of logos will tell you that most successful logos are actually quite simple but recognizable.

As you can see, simplicity and originality are the two key concepts to be focused on when redesigning your logo. Also, it’s worth remembering that you don’t need to make major changes to achieve a positive effect among people. Sometimes all it takes is a font change or addition of a more attractive color.

Naturally, you should listen carefully to what your designer has to say, but they can only achieve a satisfying result if you give input in a clear, precise and succinct manner. You don’t want your logo to resemble any other because you might be accused of breaking the copyright law. Even if the resemblance is not strong enough for you to be fined, you don’t want your products or services to be seen as a copy of something else.

You want your logo to say you are different in a positive way and healthy because people like to associate themselves with such ideas. Another thing you want to avoid is people seeing you as unstable, which is often the case if you change your logo too often. So, find that fine balance, and let your new logo show how much you’ve grown.

Emma Miller is a Sydney based writer with a degree in marketing. Interested in digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends. She’s a contributor at Bizzmark blog.