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How to Improve the Time Efficiency of Team Projects


Team projects have become the norm in companies, especially since collaborative efforts tend to bring more creativity than individual projects. In order to be successful, businesses must not only be efficient but also effective. The two go hand in hand when it comes to completing projects and improving a business’s bottom line.

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve the time efficiency of team projects. Here are some methods that can help them reach their goals.

Make Workplace Information Available Anywhere

The first way businesses can improve the time efficiency of team projects is by making workplace information available anywhere in the world. This means that employees will be able to access their files and files of co-workers from any device across the globe, if necessary.

So long as employees have access to Wi-Fi, they can access the files they need when working on a team project. There are plenty of apps available these days that allow people to perform work on any mobile device or laptop; just make sure the employees have a secure way of doing so.

Remember that Technology Is a Major Factor

Don’t ignore technology when it comes to improving the time efficiency of team projects. Technology can and will play a major role in your company’s efforts. Advancements in technology over the past two decades have made it easier to complete projects faster.

If employees want to use personal devices to check email while outside of work, let them do so. If there are new devices and software available within your industry, make sure you embrace them as much as possible to improve the efficiency of team projects.

Track as Much Data as Possible

If you need to improve the time efficiency of team projects for your business, a great way to do so is by tracking as much data as possible. This includes the time it takes for team members to complete their project tasks, perform research and assemble the entire project into one cohesive unit. This can be done using a spreadsheet, a project-management software app or an app such as Google Docs or SharePoint.

When you record all the time data of the project, you will be able to analyze what is working well and what is not. This can lead to important changes by the team to improve time efficiency.

Set Goals for Efficiency

Improving the time efficiency of team projects can also be done by setting goals for efficiency. It’s one thing to set goals. It’s a whole other ballgame when it comes down to meeting those goals. This can be done by creating schedules for achievement throughout the project. As each achievement is met, regroup and create new ones to keep the project moving forward as efficiently as possible.

Meet Regularly

Team projects aren’t successful if the team has to rely on one person for the ideas and for completing tasks. The team should meet on a regular basis, maybe once per week, even if it is done on a conference call or in a chat room. Discussion should include how the group can improve processes, eliminate redundancy, eliminate overlap and improve procedures being conducted. If a level of the project has changed, make sure the group is no longer performing steps from that level, wasting time.

Every member of the team should document his or her steps and any changes made during meetings. This cuts down on time wasted coming up with ideas when they have already been implemented by another team member.

Implement Public Accountability

Companies that have public accountability are more likely to see their team projects get completed in quicker times than companies that don’t. Employees like being rewarded and acknowledged in a public setting for the work they complete. This can include a company-wide email at the conclusion of a project, recognition at a staff meeting, recognition in the lunchroom via a posted memo and more.

When you hold your employees publicly accountable for their successes, it makes others want to complete their projects in a timely manner so they can earn the same recognition as their peers.

Have Strong Communication Standards

Nothing wastes time during team projects like providing status updates when they are not needed. Your company should set communication standards for team projects. Tell employees what information needs to be communicated, when communications should be made and where the information should be shared. This will greatly cut down on the time it takes to complete team projects.

Improving the time efficiency of team projects is a major goal for all businesses. Companies that integrate the methods outlined in this post should see success and quicker completion times almost immediately.

Pierce Ivory is Marketing Manager at Advance Systems. Since 2014, he has contributed articles and copy to the Advance Systems blog and website. Pierce, originally from a graphic arts background, transitioned into the online marketing space in 2010.