Innovative Methods of Building Business Brands

A brand is more than just a name, a trademark, and a logo. Although these are the things that will visually remind customers of your product or your company, it should go much deeper than that. It conveys a message or an emotion that is related to your organization. In fact, your brand is the expression of your corporate vision and image.

In order to have a unified voice, your message should be consistent with every marketing campaign. It allows customers to recognize your brand more easily, as they can connect various advertising efforts together.

When you craft your message, is also important to understand who your target audience is. Once you make that clear, it is possible to create different designs so long as they are consistent with the main message.

The biggest challenge is not just to create this unique brand, but also to raise public awareness about this brand. This way, even when you introduce a new campaign or ad, your audience will still be able to connect it to your brand and its message.

To capture the public’s attention and achieve brand familiarity, businesses can use these innovative methods of brand building.

Create A First-time Experience

A creative way of getting customers to know your product is to allow them to connect with your brand. The best way to do it is to help them “experience” what your brand stands for. This will not just raise awareness, but it will engage them by making them emotionally connect to your products or services.

For example, a travel company or an airline can encourage people to upload pictures of their ideal holiday. They will then receive recommendations on destinations, packages, and other travel offers that encourage them to make their dream vacation a reality.

Jumpstart A Viral Campaign

Utilize the power of social media and you can turn your brand into the next big thing. Encourage customers to share your video or your advertisement to reach as many people as possible. By creating emotional campaigns or by providing incentives to sharing, you can easily become a household name.

Promote Change

Many customers like buying products that promote doing good, whether it be utilizing organic ingredients, supporting the welfare of the people who plant the raw materials, or those who manufacture the final product.

Some companies also aim to be environmentally-friendly by re-using or recycling old products, giving discounts for those who swap them for new ones. By doing the same, not only do you connect with more conscious customers, you also create a positive image for your brand.

Use Guerilla Marketing

Do not settle for the usual marketing campaigns; instead use your creativity to draw attention to you and your brand. Guerilla marketing is an out of the box way to create a strong impact and capture the audience.

Develop A Unique Identity

Use a catchy tone or an unforgettable tag-line that your customers will connect to your brand as soon as they hear it. Use it in every campaign and you will find that it will slowly stick to the minds of your audience and remind them of your company and product every single time.

Make It Local

Many international companies and brands have a general theme when it comes to a product, but they allow local branches to adjust them to suit the country’s culture and public taste.

Without allowing these branches offices to do so, you can be sure that the local market will not be able to relate to your brand. You have to understand what the people in a specific culture value and look for, including other factors such as purchase decisions and buying patterns.

Part of creating a local presence is to make sure that your campaigns and ads can be found all the way to the street level. While the Internet and social media increase brand awareness for those with access to at least a smartphone, there are still masses out there who have less access to your online campaigns. So it’s important not put all your efforts on this type of marketing. Localized efforts should make sure that the message reaches everyone.

Open Communication With Customers

A huge advantage of social media marketing is that it allows you to hear back from the customers. This way, you may get direct feedback from the market on the good and bad aspects of your items for improvement. More than that, it presents a very positive picture that you are accessible, customer-focused, accountable and responsive.

Beware of the dangers of social media. While responding to customers might be seen in a positive light, not being able to commit to this type of communication might paint a different picture.

All companies want their customers to know their brand by heart. However, this does not happen overnight. You have to spend a lot of time, effort, and money to become a household name. By being innovative in your methods, you will be able to achieve your goal faster and with higher chances of success.

Conrad Dykstra is the Marketing Director of Packline Solutions, an Australian company specializes in wholesale packaging supplies. He has a robust experience in the fields of marketing, sales, and business while working in the industry for over a decade.