Instagram May Be Your Key to Email Generated Website Traffic

Already have a fan following on Instagram? Why not use that to fuel your email marketing strategies? Let’s start from the beginning then! Instagram has about 400 million active users who log in daily. This image-heavy, filter-cozy and hashtag addicted platform is a place for all photography lovers, shoppers, selfie-addicts and smart marketers who want to make a difference for their brand image. Right now, only about 14% of all marketers are using social media images in their email marketing efforts and about 3% of the times they actually include a live feed in their marketing emails.

Integrate Instagram for Better Turnout

By the end of 2017, more marketers will be using Instagram than Twitter to reach out to their target audience. It is becoming a reality, steady and fast. All brands are looking up for more ways to gain more followers on Instagram. Popular filters, correct hashtags, social influencers and Insta stories are all becoming part of leading marketing strategies that are keeping modern brands visible and famous!

The question of the moment is – how to integrate Instagram into email marketing? Well, we have already lauded the use of the social networking platform and its engagement powers. Now, it is time for us to unveil the ways you can use it in your email marketing strategies.

Are You Missing Out on the Goodies?

We have seen hundreds of companies include social media buttons in their emails. Did you know? With only a few code tweaks, you can now feature a live feed from your Instagram account in your emails. It is not time-consuming or money-gorging at all. Moreover, it increases the engagement rate by over 58 times as that of Facebook. In general, it can give you seven times more engagement directly on your site, if you can combine the elements of marketing correctly.

Instagram gives you the brilliant opportunity to showcase the human side of your business. No matter where you are and what you are trying to sell, you will get a tremendous response on Instagram once you start using the hashtags correctly. You need to engage people in conversation actively. You can start a poll or a campaign with brand specific hashtag for increasing user-generated content, so you never run out of fresh content.

How to Optimize Instagram For Email Marketing?

Your Instagram followers can also become your ultimate email list. Instagram may be fascinating and compelling for marketers and users alike, but you can tap into the flood of users to generate your own brand-oriented emailing list. Let’s learn how –

Optimize Your Profile for Email Signups

You need to create your profile in a way that represents your brand. The colors, pictures, short content, Instagram blog, stories and everything else should reflect your brand values. Do not create an image in the light of some other famous brand simply because it works for them. You need to create a profile that is true to your cause. It will attract the right kind of target users who will contribute to your conversion rates.

Now, integrate email-marketing services like Aweber, ConvertKit, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign to give you custom signup forms. You can integrate these on various platforms. Make sure that they do not pop up every 2 seconds and make viewing hellish for your visitors. Pushing is never the right way to get Instagram leads. Your forms need the right fields to gather actionable data. Provide incentives to your Instagram followers for signing up.

Follow Your Leads

You need to invest in your share of market research to understand where your followers go, what they read, where the shop and what the like. You need to create lead-oriented content for your customers that will take their gender, age, location, recent purchases, recent visits and interests into account.

To get a campaign going might be your ultimate goal, but in the process, you need to nurture your leads in a good way. Make sure to collect feedback information and reviews. About 93% of your potential customers are checking out your product and service reviews and ratings right now!

Build Sales-Oriented Emailing Lists

Now, once you get your followers to sign up, collating the information and creating your very own, precious mailing list should not be challenging at all. You may need the help of a good CMS platform and a robust RDBMS, but you will get a handy email list within the next few hours.

Once you have an email list, keep the recipients engaged with fresh content. As we said before, tweaking with your HTML code can give you a direct feed from your Instagram account. Sending offer emails that are relevant to their interest will undoubtedly lead to higher conversions.

“>Every nuance of Social media marketing is a combination of intricate buyer psychology in combination with their purchasing power and peer generated interest. You may find it a little difficult to make social media channels work in your favor in the beginning. Gradually, they become the most rewarding sources of buyers who bring in the most revenue.