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How to Make People Talk about Your Brand on Social Media


It is high time that we accept it. The world today is an urban village. Everyone is everyone’s acquaintance. The flaring wave of social media has made huge impact on the consumer mind set. Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social media platforms, all of them possess the potential to attract diverse echelons of society.

This trend has, in turn, widened the horizon for business marketing. Apart from manufacturing, advertising is another important aspect of business. The more engagement you earn online, the more people talk about your brand. Your name’s visibility is directly proportional to number of times people search your name online. People jump into the arena and gossip about it, which suits the ultimate goal of every businessman.

The manner in which one advertises is another facet that has long-term effects. How do you spark interest about your product among the masses through intangible means? How do you amass brand reputation? How do you resonate amidst your desired audience? So keep scrolling down to humanize your company’s name.

Target Influencers

Everybody talks. Your brand’s success depends on how effectively they do so. Words create ideas. Minds can be manipulated through words. Having some good speakers under your command can do wonders for your brand-selling point of view. They know how to shout out through the noise. The confidence with which they express your company’s goals helps you gain more followers.

Influencers also use social media to share the brand name on their blog and other reputed platforms. They act like the force multipliers. Their authority and credibility raise confidence in your brand. The product is sold at the cost of their words. Every industry has them. It depends on the intelligence of the people leading the company to not only make decisions, but also carry them out from start until end.. And it all starts with how well you bring the name of the company to the forefront. Choose an attentive and creative lot to be your influencers. Do not hesitate while paying them as in turn, it is beneficial for you only.

Come Up With Alluring Attractions

Incentives are the surest way to lure customers. They not only promote the brand name but also allow the target audience to express themselves honestly. As the interest increases, so does the potential of your brand to go viral. Festive offers and seasonal discounts publicize your brand even more! Publicizing breaking news about your product every now and then keeps the brand name alive and healthy for your customers. This is referred to as the shock factor which can be anything like a giveaway present, a random talk show or a discount offer. Tempt your customers with offers that your competitors haven’t even thought of yet! Apply approaches that pique interest of your customers.

Contesting Online

To engage more people in your marketing journey, organize games and contests on social platforms and distribute attractive prizes to the winners. This is a tactic that grabs a lot of attention. Choose the rewards by focusing on what your consumers find useful in their lifestyles.

These contests also help you expand your audience. Facebook offers a variety of brand-related contests. Such contests make your brand look more appealing. Interacting with the clients and monitoring their feedback will make them feel special. Using hashtags related to the brand promotion widens the social sphere and your reach to the virtual world. The focus should be on increasing user participation. Surprising them with new ideas will surely make you a gem in their eyes.

Come up with a Funny Ad Campaign

Let’s stop typing those two characters and call it a smile. Bringing a real smile on someone’s face should be your target. People are in constant need to for relief from the pressures of everyday life. Amidst this, if they find that relief in the form of an entertaining advertisement, they will definitely remember your brand!. Weaving a story or a meme that caters to your consumers imaginations will bring them closer to your brand.

Creating Social Impact

Marketing something solely for profit raises questions among consumers. They will appreciate your efforts if what you manufacture is equally reasonable for them. Don’t over sensationalize your brand because it brings down the company’s reputation. Keep away from bragging. Keep publicity stunts at bay.

Let your branding be more about the audience than the business venture. This consumer-centric approach will help you stand out against your competitors. The more people hear about your brand, the more they will talk about it. Include meaningful and shareable tidbits in your advertisements.

Marketing on social media is simply about tactics, strategies, analysis, interaction and a lot more fun. Those who know how to make money while keeping people engaged are the real successful stories! Remember, your audience is your friend and you have the power address many of those people with a single post.

Author Bio:

Cara Smith is a blogger cum editor and works for a HIV Testing company as a content marketing manager. She is passionate about traveling, online marketing and everything tech related.