The Must-have Social Media Analyzing Tools for Your Site

Regardless of the business size, every business is aware of how social media can be an integral part of their success. It is for this reason that companies should invest heavily in social media analyzing tools, such as Facebook share analytics which help a great deal in measuring the effectiveness of your social media strategy in improving traffic to your site.
To better understand the seriousness of social media ask yourself the following questions;

Do you know which top performing post is?

Do you know what time different social posts lead heavy traffic to your site?

Without analyzing tools, it is hard to answer these questions.

Why do you need social media analyzing tools?

Social media analyzing tools will help you answer the above questions. You will have an idea of when to post and also which of your posts is generating more traffic to your site. Secondly, these tools will point out on strengthens and areas you need to improve on. With a host of different options available, this post will provide you with the best tools

1. Inbuilt analytics tools

Each social media platform comes with its analytics tool. They require little to no investment. They include

a) Facebook Insights

It is available to any user whose page has generated more than 30 fans. It provides details on engagement metrics such as the location and demographics of the fans. It shows you the action taken on your page.

b) Twitter analytics

It shows you the number of tweets, impression of the tweets, followers gained and visits to your profile.

c) Instagram Insights

It is available to huge businesses that have numerous engagements, providing you with different metrics such as impressions, website clicks, likes, profile visits, emails and many more.

2. BuzzSumo

This tool will give you information about your social shares. By entering a URL of a post, BuzzSumo will show you how many shares it received and also backlinks. It gives marketers insights on which kind of listicles and blog posts people want to consume.

Another excellent feature is that you can analyze your competitor’s top-ranking, top-performing content, hence providing you with a hint of what keywords to include in your posts.

3. Sprout Social

Gives you a platform of measuring your social media performance in one dashboard helping you track your accomplishments across all platforms and effortless compare output. Information gathered will let you know which platform means business for you.

4. Social Mention

As its name suggests, it gives you a rich dashboard of all your social mentions. It is ideal for large companies that hunger for lots of attention. The tool enables you to filter out all the mention to those that matter most to your business.

It organizes the mentions regarding hashtags and top keywords. You must score well concerning strength, passion, reach and sentiment to have a robust social mention.

5. Brandwatch

Brandwatch can highlight the visual content performance of your content based on numbers since in recent times more emphasis is put on posts that have images. It also analyzes on who is mentioning your brand and gives insights on how you can respond to those mentions.
Information gathered by this tool comes from the web and social media thus its analysis is in depth. You can categorize your mentions and also generate data visualization. Visualization can be regarding charts and emoji.

6. Twazzup

This free tool will provide you with information on top keywords, top tweets and also links. You need to key in the keywords or brand, and it will provide you with real-time analytics.


These social media analyzing tools will provide you with information that will show you how your site is performing. Depending on your goals, each is tailored to give you your unique needs. From the information above it is clear that the tools save you time, and help you make informed decisions concerning the performance of your social media presence.
You should also put into consideration your budget. Most of the tools come with a free trial version. This version may not be ideal for business purposes, but it is worth the try before settling for any tool. After the trial period is over jump to the most effective tool.