Did Your New Business Website Fail to Work? Here is Why

You have managed to start a business, and so far, things are starting to fall into place. You understand well the risks that new businesses face and the fact that many of them fail within the first five years. But, going by the measures that you have taken and planning for more, you are highly anticipating success.

Technology is driving business success these days, and that is the reason why you decided to have a business website. Through it, you were going to reach out to the huge number of Internet users, keep them informed, showcase your products, be accessible, advertise cheaply and improve your customer service experience among many other benefits.

However, you are coming face-to-face with a problem, which is that your website is not bringing any of those benefits, and so far, you are wondering what went wrong. Any of the following could be the reason:

It is too hard to navigate

Did you know that the best websites are often the simplest ones? Then why is your website cluttered with too much of everything? If you think that you are going to make your website cool by cramming too much information into it like overdoing the animation, putting too many menu items, having too many links on your homepage and maybe a weird color scheme, then you are getting it all wrong because it just makes it hard for users to navigate through your website.

It just makes things too complicated for your customers, who will not want to spend any more time there.

You don’t feed it with fresh, valuable content

You may have invested in a good business website that is well designed, but you had no idea on how to maintain it. Your website needs to be updated regularly with content that is relevant and valuable. This is because people go online to look for information, and if you provide what they want, they will keep visiting your website and drive your conversions.

Content is also important to ensure that you get a good ranking on search results and get a good number of visitors. There are also other good SEO practices that you need to follow in order for your website to get a good ranking on SERPs.

You are making it all about you

Are you always talking about you and your business achievements? Actually, users do not care about that because they are looking for something and whether you can provide it. Your business website is about you, but it has to be more about your customers. Think about how you can provide what they want; convince them that they have come to the right place, and give them the best customer experience that will keep them coming back.

Your website and application performance is down

Are your web pages taking forever to load, displaying error messages or simply not working? How will you even know that if you are not monitoring anything using the various monitoring tools like Stackify? Poor site performance will mean a bad end-user experience, which leads to high bounce rates and poor search engine ranking.

No one has time to wait for your slow-loading pages, and you do not need to wait for them to call for customer support to realize and correct your performance problems.

It is true that many business websites fail immediately or shortly after they are launched, and many others live to fulfill their intended use. The difference lies in whether you have a clear strategy or are just opening a website for the sake of it.

Jim Thompson is a super-connector with Youth Noise and OutreachMama who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. He is a professional writer who has been in the business for 5 years. He has hands-on experience with cars, tech, and relationship advice, among other things. Because of how quickly he can turn articles around, he is able to take on multiple projects at once. His writing experience spans from SEO articles to technical guides and everything in between.

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