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Offline Marketing: Still Beneficial, Still Relevant


No business can survive without marketing. Marketing helps you tell your target audience that your product exists and solves a particular need of the target audience. In fact, in a saturated market where every business is vying for the attention of the same target customers, what you will face are marketing wars. Tremendous competition demands tremendous marketing.

Digital Marketing Is not the Only Way to Get Results

Most of us believe that these days, digital marketing is the only way to get results. Hence, it is natural that we focus all our marketing efforts on digital platforms. We do extensive research on digital marketing and allocate resources for online promotion of the business.

While we cannot deny the internet’s impact on marketing, we can say that it might be a bit exaggerated.

Even though the phenomenal spread of the Internet appeared to be the finish- line for print-based promotional mediums, marketing campaigns using offline channels are still a fundamental aspect of many company’s marketing strategies.

The importance of digital marketing may be true for a specific target market, yet some of the best promotions happen offline. Companies have been doing offline marketing from a long time and it has consistently been successful. It is a ‘tried and tested’ method of advertising and there is not much that can go wrong.

What is included in offline print marketing?

1. Leaflets

Leaflets and flyers are quite popular amongst small business mainly due to their flexibility. They can be used as invitations to promotional events, as coupons for offers and as information- givers for your new schemes. They can be distributed in areas that the target audience visits frequently. They can be put inside newspapers and magazines or they can be kept on stacks in that popular coffee shop down the road.

2. Banners and posters

They can be put up near your stall at the trade fair so that people notice it. You can even put them up on roads and in places where you think they might be visible to maximum people. They can be great help in attracting people.

3. Booklets and brochures

If you want a bit more space than leaflets and banners to appeal to the buyers, then you can get booklets and brochures printed for your needs. You can include so much more content in them. If you want to provide more details to the consumer then this is what you must choose. The use of such marketing collaterals allows you to include information about your company, its history, what it stands for and also deliver substantial information regarding the its product and service offerings.

4. Business cards

So you are out promoting your business and you meet a potential lead- what do you do? You hand over your business card, of course! You can’t go showing people tv advertisements after your every meeting. So you need to keep business cards printed and ready to hand over. They are a very handy piece of promotional material. They are tangible and the people you are giving it to can refer to it whenever they require.

5. Business stationery

You can show how proud you are of your new business by getting business stationery printed. You can display that business logo of yours on all your stationery. From letterheads and envelopes to diaries, you can customize everything in tune with your brand design. This also adds a dimension of reliability to your business.

If you haven’t been putting much effort into your offline marketing tactics, then it’s time that you give your start-up a boost. Frame a marketing strategy that includes printing advertisement materials and their distributing.

But why should you do it? Here are some benefits of offline marketing:

1. Higher authenticity value

People often feel that whatever they see or read online is somehow engineered to present a specific image of the business/organization which may not be entirely true.

The internet still lags behind when it comes to creating a sense of authenticity. There is so much content out there that people are hard-pressed to search for content that they can trust and which does not have credibility issues.

Offline marketing, on the other hand, is all about connecting with people without any electronic gadgets. You can interact with people as you distribute your leaflets or hand over your business cards when you meet them. This gives a authentic feel to your brand.

2. Faster feedback

Getting feedback online is complicated as it falls into the formal process of gathering data, finding the relevant information and analyzing it. It is a cumbersome thing to do.

If you have an offline marketing channel, you get an opportunity to interact with your buyers face to face. You can immediately come to know what aspect of your product or service was liked by the buyers and what feature was disliked. This will ensure that you can start working on the improvements to your product or service immediately.

3. Establishes relationships and builds loyalty

If you want the people in your local area to avail your services or use your products then you must focus on offline marketing. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to establish a good relationship with the people. This will increase customer loyalty. People like business that take efforts to interact with them rather than businesses that appear impersonal or aloof.

Now that you know the benefits of offline marketing, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you incorporated it in your marketing and promotional strategy. But remember, offline marketing is not easy. You need to put in a whole lot of time and effort in zeroing in on the right marketing collaterals that can improve brand awareness for your business. You will need to give it the time it deserves and not just come up with offline marketing collaterals just because it’s good for you.

So once you have strategized your offline marketing, head over to your nearest printer and get your promotional material printed. It will surely be beneficial to you, as it has been for so many others.

Stephen Smith is co-owner of the UK’s premier online printing company Affordable Leaflets that offers professional printing, design and distribution services for leaflets and flyers.