One Incredible Way Restaurants Can Boost Sales

Have you noticed the massive roll out of digital menus in restaurants lately? From big chains to independents, more restaurants are bringing in digital menus. They’re eye-catching, convenient, and they’re helping restaurants push products with higher margins. Digital menus improve your chances of upselling and keeping customers informed about other dayparts and promotions.


#1 Spotlight Premium Products

Restaurant customers read menus in predictable patterns and they respond consistently to certain visual cues. There are plenty of ways you can improve your menu, such as removing dollar signs and use bracketing by offering items in two different sizes. There are also plenty of design tricks you can use to lead the customer’s eye toward high-margin items.

On a behind-the-counter menu, there are hot spots, warm spots, and cold spots. This is how you can divide different categories of food, placing your stars (popular, high-margin items) prominently above the cash, while less popular and less profitable items on the periphery. One of the benefits of digital signage displays is how easily you can use them to create a dynamic display that makes more use of your hot spots. You can also switch between dayparts and provide teasers of what’s to come.

#2 More Appealing Visuals

Digital menus also mean that restaurants can tap into better-looking visuals. Images on digital screens are sharper and they can be easily updated with digital menu software from the digital signage company Netvisual. As you update your menu, your visuals should change with it.


Besides just images of the food, you can make an even bigger impression with dynamic videos. If you’ve seen digital menus in fast food and fast casual locations, you’ve probably noticed ad-like intervals that replace the menu with a digital ad featuring menu items being cooked or prepared – such as chocolate pouring over a donut or a steak on the grill. Dynamic video is a great way to awaken customers’ appetites and persuade them into buying a more upscale item.

#3 Adhering to Local Legislation

One of the issues facing large chains lately is the increasing number of local legislation controlling the types of information that need to be displayed in franchise restaurants. City, state, and national legislation can now dictate the kind of nutritional information that must be displayed on menus. For medium to large chains looking for a single digital signage solution, that can present some problems. For example, the information you need to display in New York City is different from federal requirements. That’s why digital signage company Netvisual makes customizing and updating that kind of nutritional information simple and straightforward. It’s easy to include calorie counts and other nutritional information alongside visually appealing displays.

Digital menus are turning into the one of the most important upgrades restaurants can make today. They improve your advertising opportunities and persuade customers right at the point of sale. Talk to a digital signage company about hardware and software solutions that will improve your bottom line.