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Positive Customer Experience? Positive Business Growth


Have you ever found yourself saying “Wow! This company gets it right!”.

Oddly enough – this doesn’t come from the experience with the product or premium service. It stems from interactions with the people in the company, the moments in the sales funnel and customer service that make you feel appreciated and respected.These moments are ones which have you hooked.

You could find cheaper pricing or faster delivery elsewhere but there’s something about the business that keeps you in the fold – it’s knowing they’ll take care of you – you feel like you belong.

There are several different ways to create the customer service experience:

1. Defining a positive company culture
2. Using the right tools for customer service
3. Keeping employees happy

The outcome of these three tactics? Customers are more willing to:

· Share their experience on social media (social proof!)
· Provide feedback and suggestions (product optimization!)
· Network with you for joint-venture opportunities (growth!)

It’s the reason why so many businesses strive with the “customer is always right” mentality. These businesses understand that everyone could be turned into a life-long customer. One sour experience could potentially ruin it all so it’s best to do everything in your power to create an amazing experience.


Company culture defines all aspects of the business:

· Goals
· Product/service philosophy
· Security
· Motivation
· Customer interaction

The culture ascends beyond the driving motivation to make money. It creates a unified purpose. With it comes the energy to build a creative, active workforce, a resilience to power through the tough times, plus, an openness to understanding one another (including the customers).

These core philosophies and motivational elements roll over to customer interaction. A happy employee creates a happy customer.

Tools & Services

With growth comes an increased demand for customer satisfaction. Jumping from 10 sales a day to 10,000 will place an incredible strain on the customer service representatives. These missed interactions lead to losing opportunities to develop these important relationships, which in turn lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Tools and services help with the growth and here are a few examples:

· Call Center Software can be used to turn a small customer service floor into a professional environment to streamline interactions, tracking, reporting, and workflow management.
· Project Management Solutions help employees coordinate to best respond to feedback and suggestions which, in turn, develops a better offer for customers to enjoy.
· Social Media Management offers a direct line of communication to existing (and future) customers; it creates an open dialog to help the individual while sharing the experience with others within the platform.

Think of the last time you called a company directly. Wasn’t it helpful that you were connected quickly with a knowledgeable individual? These are the types of tools and services that make it possible!


Shout-outs, social mentions, referrals, word-of-mouth marketing, backlinks, and all that jazz are what customer service is all about.

It’s great helping a customer (or lead) understand the benefits and features of the offer. Helping them maximize their value or overcoming a challenge. Yet, there’s an added benefit – the chance the individual will share their experience with others…… now imagine if they were an influential individual!

Networking is fundamental in starting a business. It’s what builds relationships and creates opportunities for growth by sharing ambitions and resources. You never know the type of attention your business may gain by interacting with the right individuals.

Want to be Unique?

The differences in what many businesses offer are minuscule. There’s the pricing, branding, and a few small things. What truly changes how the market reacts is if you can go above-and-beyond with the experience – both in sales and especially the customer interaction.To be unique is to be compassionate with the people.

Do the test: Ask yourself if your business creates that “Wow! They really do it right!” … then act.