Refine Your Message For Outbound Marketing Lead

No matter how big you grow or profitable you become, you’re always going to need new customers.

Inbound vs. Outbound Leads

Inbound leads are the path of least resistance, if you know how to nurture them, but outbound leads will always play a major role in attracting new business.

One cost-effective way to begin an outbound lead campaign is to hire a sales lead marketing company to help you identify potential customers and get your message across. But before you begin, craft a message that people will listen to.

Value Proposition

Your business needs a value proposition: a message that defines your business and its position in the marketplace, that differentiates you from the competitors, and that targets the niche market where you want to compete.

A value proposition should set your business apart , rather than appeal to the widest possible audience. It should appeal to a targeted audience that needs your offering and where there may be a chance for you to excel over the competition. Your value proposition is how you make a case for your company; it’s what your sales team or a lead generation company uses to win over customers in the middle of making a decision. Visit to find out how sales lead generation uses your value proposition to bridge the gap with new business.

To write a successful value proposition, you need to:

  1. a) Define Your Audience – The first step in any marketing plan is identifying your audience. Don’t get lost in the noise – narrow down your audience to targets who want to hear your message. Finding your niche helps you craft a stronger relatable message.
  1. b) Differentiate Your Product or Service – Before you can show why your solution is better, you have to do your research. You need competitive intelligence to know what your competitors offer and find out what their customers like and what they don’t like. Differentiation is your leverage and your chance to distinguish yourself in a busy marketplace.
  1. c) Connect – It’s important that you outline why your product or service is a smarter option than the competitors’ in clear terms while bringing your value proposition to life. In B2B marketing, it’s easy to forget that you’re talking to a person.

People are also drawn to the creative elements of marketing, not just numbers and talking points. The unique elements of your value proposition should become the backbone of your bigger marketing campaign, as they make your brand unique.

Defining Your Business

Only you can define your business, but sales lead companies such as 360 Leads can take your message and make it heard through various channels. Your sales team may have limits when it comes to funneling the qualified leads they need to grow revenue.

In a report issued by 360 Leads called the Black Report, 57 percent of companies said they had insufficient budgets to excel in lead generation. Get qualified, targeted leads with the help of a sales lead generation company and watch your business grow. Contracting out sales generation lets you focus on what you’re good at without compromising your ability to find new customers. You should have more qualified sales leads than you know what to do with; otherwise, it’s time to step up your game.