The Right One Year MBA For Millennials

Tech-savvy, entrepreneurially-minded millennials are going to become tomorrow’s business leaders. Their flair for online marketing and natural sense of resourcefulness show they have the potential to create the next billion-dollar start-ups. Millennials waste no time; they understand that every minute they spend on the clock working on a project can have valuable results. Because many are accustomed to freelancing and the demands of the gig economy, they also become some of the strongest self-directed students. The best educational experience for these young people is one that gives them access to the most amount of knowledge and experience without slowing them down.

For an emerging entrepreneur, a one-year full-time MBA is the most viable option for study, particularly if it allows them to be immersed in a technologically oriented city. The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics whose main campus is located in Waterloo (the city of start ups) houses such a program. It was founded by the creator of Blackberry, which began as a start up and turned into a massive enterprise, and the school has since seen many of their graduates go on to find large-scale success.

Not only will students of the one year MBA program based in Waterloo receive one of the most prestigious degrees available in their sector by the school year’s end, they will have had the opportunity to network with countless professionals, and work to get their own budding ideas off the ground thanks to the myriad of business incubators available through the program. Through choosing the entrepreneurial specialization, students will feel empowered – taking courses in business model creation and execution as well as entrepreneurial finance that can be directly applied to real world undertakings. Furthermore, the city’s Communitech Hub can offer valuable working space, while the LaunchPad incubator can provide widely sought-after mentorship opportunities. Students are also provided access to internships where they can learn from the experiences of others.

On the academic end, students will be taught using the school’s unique integrated core methodology. It addresses problems and tackles them the way they would be in the real world of business, better preparing students to be strong leaders. They’ll graduate not only knowing how to approach issues from the perspective of their specialization, but others as well – a necessary skill for managers and enterprise owners to have. Courses in design thinking and creativity will train their right brain as well, providing them with a rich toolbox they can access to help foster the most inspired ideas.

Millennials, with their sharp minds, interest in technology, and pull towards innovation will find many prospects in the start up sector if they have the right knowledge, experience, and the right degree to back them up. Pursuing an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship is therefore a worthwhile career move for those who want to be their own bosses, creating products and services that make a difference in the lives of consumers. Finally, if they can do so in a short period of time when compared with their competition – what’s there to lose?