Russell (Russ) Ruffino Is a Living Proof That The American Dream Still Exists

Ahh, the American Dream. It’s something that we hear about often. The ability to go from rags to riches with nothing more than an idea and a bit of diligent work. While we all know what the American dream is, many have lost faith in it as the income divide continues to grow larger. Nonetheless, there are plenty of great examples of people who are living that dream after going from rags to riches themselves. One of the most impressive of these recent stories is the story of Russ Ruffino.

Who Is Russ Ruffino?

Russ Ruffino, for all intensive purposes, is a relatively normal American man. He was born to a family that wasn’t a rich one and lived a normal life. When he became an adult, like most American adults, he had to find a job in order to support himself. Soon enough, he became a bartender.
As a bartender, Ruffino made enough money to support himself, bringing in about $500 per week. But, like most, he was in the rat race. With a relatively small income, saving was nearly impossible. Unfortunately, he lived paycheck to paycheck, knowing that if for some reason he was unable to go to work for a week or two, the financial strings would tighten and he would have to find a creative way to make ends meet.

Today, Mr. Ruffino lives a very different life. As the CEO of an Inc. 500 company known as Clients on Demand, from a financial standpoint, there’s nothing that he can’t do. If work all of a sudden stops, well, he doesn’t necessarily have to worry about it. Ultimately, Russ has the financial stability that most Americans dream about!

How Russ Went From Rags To Riches

Tired of working as a bartender, making just enough money to slide by, Mr. Ruffino decided that it was time to make a change. He started to envision himself as the successful man that he wanted to become, asking himself what his successful self would do to overcome his day to day challenges. Over time, Ruffino started to react to challenges differently, evolving into the man he wanted to become.
Soon, Russ quit his day job. He knew that his future successful self would never agree to sling drinks from the backside of a bar for a measly $500 per week. Instead, he started putting his business ideas to use, starting the Inc. 500 company known today as Clients on Demand.

Essentially, Russell found a problem and set out to solve it. For many businesses, marketing efforts didn’t work well. Mr. Ruffino believed that this was because companies were focusing on information, rather than transformation. He also saw traditional forms of marketing to be outdated and inadequate.
So, he put his marketing ideas to use. He became a business consultant, finely tuning his online marketing to ensure that business owners that would be interested in buying his service were the eyeballs that were viewing his ads. Soon enough, his work paid off with his first customer. His business soon snowballed, becoming an empire in a timeframe that seemed to be overnight. Within six months, Ruffino was making six figures per month and never had to worry about the rat race again.

The Takeaway

If you’ve lost faith in the American dream, it’s time to get it back. Russell Ruffino’s story is a great one, making him living proof that you can still go from rags to riches, even in today’s environment. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to put your ideas to work and in time, you may be living the American dream too!