How to Find the Right Coworking Space

 How to Find the Right Coworking Space The way people work and collaborate has dramatically shifted in the last decade. Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular. Learn how to choose the right one for your business.


What are some of the shifting trends in the workforce? I’m Oliver Sanchez and I’m the founder of PLUG Cambridge.

How the Way We Work Has Changed

Millennials are now coming into the workforce and 60 percent of them use mobile devices (some of them even sleep with their smart phones.) The independent workforce is also growing as well as the ability to collaborate remotely, thanks to technology.

The way we live has also changed. There’s more of a focus on community (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and on sharing (Lyft, Uber, airbnb) These are just some of the companies that allow us to work effectively and collaboratively with others.

Advantages of a Co-Working Space

Functional collaborative spaces are the way of the future because of the ease of access they allow, social opportunities such as networking, pitch competitions, and hackathons, and . They also give people the chance to meet subject matter experts and find in-house mentors in their respective fields.

Starting a business can be challenging: there’s rent, maintenance costs, utilities, supplies, and internet. Luckily, a co-working space gets rid of all of that. Traditionally you would pay a monthly rent with no extra fees and you can start working on your project from day one. Here are five tips that will help you find the right co-working space for you.


If you’re in a startup, you’re going to be working at it 24/7 and you’re going to want to be in a place that’s easily accessible. Close proximity to public transit and/or good parking spaces is important.


You want amenities that help you and your founders reach your goals faster and better. Many spaces offer different amenities and you’ve got to pick the one that’s right for you.


We all work with tight budgets, so you need to find a place that’s within yours.


Look for a place that can accommodate your company as you grow.


You’ll be working around the same people all the time. You want to enjoy the people who work around you. The right community can help your startup succeed, so make sure you pick the right community and the right space at the right price.

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