Digital Marketing 101: Where to Start

 What Online Tools Are Right for Your Business? Are you using the right tools to build a web presence for your business? From your website to email and social media, learn which online tools to use in your digital marketing.

Are you looking to market your business online, and you’re trying to figure out which tools to use: Do I need a website? Do I need Social Media? If so, which one? That’s what we’re going to talk about today: which tools do I need, and why do I need them? My name is Susan Czajackowski. I am the Com Coach. I do digital marketing consulting and communication coaching.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing for your Business

A Sweet Metaphor: Pick The Right Tools for the Job

The thing to keep in mind when you’re doing digital marketing for your business is that all of those tools are exactly that: they’re tools. This past weekend, I was doing some baking, and so we’re going to use those tools to just kind of put this in perspective. I was making some cookies, and I had a bowl, I had a mixer, and I was doing some creaming so I had some sugar and butter, and so that’s what we’re talking about: all those things are tools for baking.

And just to that element, you’ve got your website, social media – certain social media tools. You’ve got email, you’ve got content, and you’ve got Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Those are all just tools, and you need to choose which ones you’re going to use, and how you’re going to use them. When you bring them together, you end up with a particular mixture, and that mixture is going to be your online presence. So I just want to walk through some of those tools and make them make a little more sense in terms of: which ones you need, and how you want to use them.

Which Tools Do You Need?

Your Website: The Core of your Online Presence

Again, your website is really your bowl. It is this essential tool you need that brings everything else together. In terms of this tool, that is, where you live online, where your presence is and where you’re going to bring all the other tools – that integration is going to happen there on your website.

Social Media: Find the Social Media Platform that Works for You

Your social media is definitely a tool you need, but which social media? Which one is the right one for you? In the case of the cookies I was making, do I want walnuts, do I want chocolate chips, which will be the right fit for the flavor looking for? Do I want Facebook, do I want LinkedIn, do I want Twitter? What’s right for my audience? What’s right for the kind of message I want to convey, and what’s right for the business that I’m putting forth? When you think about those things, you can identify which tool fits your business best.

Email Marketing: An Essential Tool that Works Well with Social Media

When it comes to email marketing, first of all, it’s an essential tool that matches very nicely with Social Media. If you wanted to look at social media as a “butter”, then you’ve got your Email as the “sugar”. Together in the baking, they’re doing a creaming and it’s going to be a base for your cookies. In a similar sense, you’re looking at Email and Social Media mixing well together and reaching your audience in two different ways.

Social Media is a tool that really helps you create community and do some outreach; it’s an opportunity to build an audience. Email, you’re using to reach people who you already know. You have your email address; you’ve at least touched them somehow in order to get an email address. So together, the two work: that email is going to help you to build a one-to-one relationship; Social Media is going to help you reach them a little bit more en masse.

Other Tools

Web Content Creation

Some other ingredients that we’re talking about, or the other tools for your online presence we’re looking at are going to be: the content you create. It is a tool, and depending on what kind of content you create, it’s going to generate different types of responses. Are you going to generate content that is very How-to instructive? Are you going to create content that entertaining? Is it going to be list form: “5 things that you need to know” and be really informative and educational? Or, are you going to be very thought-provoking and put out some thoughts and paragraphs?

Your Content Will Determine the Kind of Response & Community you’ll Create

That kind of information, that kind of content is going to generate a certain type of presence; this can generate a certain type of response. So that content, when you put it together with your social media, your email, your website; when you bring them together you have an integrated presence, that the sum is more than each of the parts individually. It really does create this presence that depicts your business. So you really want to these tools and consider: which ones you want to use, how you use them, and what kind of presence you want to create for your business.

About Suzan Czajkowski

Suzan Czajkowski, M.A., PCC, is an award winning communication coach and digital marketing consultant. She helps small business owners design their own marketing strategies, communicate effectively about their businesses, and make good marketing decisions that generate great results.

Suzan started her business, TheCommCoach, in 2009 after leaving her last corporate job as a Marketing Manager with an international publisher. She has worked in a variety of different industries including fitness, technology, academics, and the military. She has a B.A. in Communication from the University of Delaware and an M.A. in Communication from the University of Montana. Suzan is a Certified Leadership Coach through Georgetown University and is PCC certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She was awarded Business Coach of the Year by ICF’s local New England chapter in 2013. She is a Master Certified Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact, and is Inbound Certified through Hubspot.