Hot Social Media Platforms that Can Rock Your Marketing

 Hot Social Media Platforms that Can Rock Your Marketing2 To reach your full online marketing potential, you should use all the channel and apps at your disposal. Learn more in this video.


Today we’re talking about the new age of social media and different ways to be a marketer today on the social platforms.

Know the Many Platforms Out There

A lot of organizations use traditional approaches when it comes to social marketing; they use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maybe now a tiny little bit of Instagram. There are many other platforms that you should be using and putting into your marketing strategy, especially to keep up with today’s marketing revolution. What do I mean by that? It’s not just about Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram anymore. It’s also about hitting those progressive social platforms, such as Snapchat, Pinterest and things like Venmo, and Waze.

Waze and Venmo

What are Venmo and Waze? Waze is a platform that’s owned by Google to help you get around traffic. How do people use it as a social marketing approach? They create specific locations of where they’re putting their logos on as you’re driving along and looking at your GPS system. It’s obviously not the safest way to interact with your consumers, but at the same time you’re putting your brand image out there. Eventually, these platforms will start to integrate with cars, allowing people to view your organization and to view your brand image as they’re looking at a GPS.

Venmo is a platform that allows people to deliver cash to one another, whether they’re paying rent, paying somebody for the money they spend at a restaurant, or paying somebody on a bet. It allows you to see what an individual is doing. What I mean by that is that individuals may be paying others for products—well, in this case, Venmo—that others could capture that are similar but they may be cheaper. So now you have an opportunity to build a lead generation list off Venmo and off Waze.

Know the Trends

So why are all these social platforms important to you and to your organization or to you as an individual? It’s the trends that are surrounding social media. There’s something new happening every day. Instead of yearly or quarterly meetings, we have to sit down almost every week to discuss the marketing approach because trends are happening and you have to stick with the trends and the social platforms.

Cut Through the Noise on Social Media

What do I mean by trends? It could be specific hashtags you’re using or specific events that are going on in the world, and these progressive platforms, such as Snapchat, Pinterest, Waze, and Venmo, are a great way to keep up with the trends and pull out the message that consumers want to see and they want to relate to at that given time.

So using these progressive social platforms as well as the traditional platforms and sticking together with the trends will allow you to overcome all the noise that is going on on social media, separate yourself from all the messy and useless content that people are posting out there. Using these different approaches and different ways to target people through progressive social media marketing and through traditional social media marketing will allow you to overcome the noise and push you message to those unique consumers.

About Alex Steblovskiy

Alexander G. Steblovskiy is the chief executive officer and founder of Oceanus Digital, a digital marketing agency in Boston focused on creating different digital marketing and branding strategies for law firms, financial accounting firms and medical commerce. Alex is also a chairman of the board of a non-profit organization, Empower 2 Play.

Alex is also a former executive producer for a Boston radio show that is the number one leading content publisher of entrepreneurial content. He worked and helped transition the show to internet radio where you can now tune into it worldwide with listeners in 32 different countries. Alex graduated from Lasell College in Newton, MA with a degree in International Business and Management, as well as a minor in Marketing and Psychology. He is a former professional rugby player.