The Important Keys to Keep Your Employees Motivated

 employee engagement The lack of employee engagement could be detrimental to your bottom line. Learn how to take the steps to improve it.

The Employee Engagement Initiative Every Leader Needs to Know

A lack of employee engagement causes turnover, low production, and can greatly impact the bottom line of any company.

My name is Melanie Wood and I’m a senior consultant at PI Midlantic®, the global leading certified partner of the Predictive Index. Employee engagement continues to be on the minds of companies worldwide.

And I’m going to share with you two key ways to improve your employee engagement.

According to data from, employee engagement has been on everyones’ minds in 2016.

Fortunately, employee engagement isn’t hard to fix. In my experience as a veteran business consultant for companies ranging from construction to banking to medical it all boils down to the same thing. Employees want to feel valued, respected, and understood. So how do we provide this?

Step 1. Utilizing a validated and reliable behavioral assessment from hire to retire.

Implementing the Predictive Index behavioral assessment during the hiring process not only ensures job fit but it creates a roadmap for effective on boarding so your team members are set up for success from day one. This ensures engagement and of course retention.

You then assess your entire company to gain insights into what motivates their behaviors? What are their behavioral needs for job satisfaction?

And then how can you customize an individualized guidance to ensure high performance?

Once you have all that insight you go to step 2.

It’s not about receiving a report and now thinking you know everything about your employee. It’s about taking what the science reveals and applying that to actually improving the work experience for your employees.

And you start this by doing a one-on-one sit down with your employees to review the results and allowing open feedback. When a team member is allowed to have their insight into those results and share what will work for them, that’s when they feel valued, respected, and understood.

Then you as a leader encourage them to hold you accountable and to point out those times that you slip, that you forget. Hold you accountable to living up to those insights. And coaching to who they are and not who you want them to be. This is what improves employee engagement.

So you start with a scientifically validated behavioral assessment, and then you go to that next level of having a one-on-one, sharing the results, discussing the insights, and then coaching motivating and developing based on those agreed insights.

When you lead a team the way they want to be led. they follow and they work much harder for you.

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