Get Your Business Unstuck With the EOS Model

 EOS-Model Is your business stuck? Mike Paton explains the EOS process and how it can help you execute your vision, move forward, and achieve entrepreneurial success.

I’m Mike Paton. I’m the visionary for an organization called EOS Worldwide, a speaker, an author, and a certified EOS implementer.

Traction, The Book That Changed My Life

About 10 years ago—after a lifetime of being surrounded by entrepreneurs, growing up in an entrepreneurial household, and embarking on my own entrepreneurial journey—I was trying to run a small market research firm. I was frustrated and was talking to people in my network about things that might help me get unstuck. Our business had hit the ceiling; I couldn’t take it to the next level.

I discovered a book, Traction by Gino Wickman, in a system called the entrepreneurial operating system, or EOS. I was immediately hooked by the simplicity and applicability of the system to the typical entrepreneurial journey and the way it addresses many of the problems that entrepreneurs face.

What’s Holding You Back-Going Beyond The Vision

The vast majority of entrepreneurs aren’t getting everything they want from their businesses. I would estimate 95 percent of the people who start and run entrepreneurial companies just aren’t realizing their visions. And it isn’t a lack of vision that holds an entrepreneurial company back; it’s the inability to execute on that vision, to bring it down to the ground, to get everybody in the organization to row the boat in the same direction and draw what you believe closer. It’s important to run a business on a system that aligns everyone around a common vision and generates traction so everybody is executing on that vision.

Most of the people who come to find me, Gino, or one of our EOS implementers have hit the ceiling in their businesses. They’ve been executing for a while, feeling really good. Business is growing, profits are increasing. They’ve got great people around them; in general, they’re having fun—and then one or more of those things stops happening and they get stuck. When there are two people in a business, it’s reasonably easy to get yourselves unstuck: you get a room, you roll up your sleeves, you work it out, you move forward. When you have 10, 20 or 50 people in an organization, it’s just harder to get unstuck.

6 Key Components to Get Yourself Unstuck

For listeners and viewers who are stuck, reach out to EOS Worldwide. Connect with a local EOS implementer like me, and we’ll share with you what you need to know about the system. We don’t believe that every organization should run their business on the EOS, focus on the 6 key components, and use our tools. We do believe every business needs a system that its owners and leaders agree should be used to move the organization forward.

Our clients are working to strengthen the vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction components. The vision component is getting everybody in the organization 100 percent on the same page with where you’re going and exactly how you plan to get there. In most organizations, that isn’t the case.

The people component simply says if you’re going to run a great business, you need great people. Our approach, tools, and process help entrepreneurs articulate what great people mean to them. We attract those kinds of unique people and repel other people from the organization.

About Mike Paton

Mike Paton has spent a lifetime learning from entrepreneurs. The product of an entrepreneurial household, he cut his teeth in banking before running (or helping run) four small, growing companies. Eight years ago Paton met Gino Wickman and found himself immediately drawn to the simplicity and usefulness of his Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS). He quickly became a passionate advocate of the system and leader of a vibrant and growing community of professional EOS Implementers, clients and fans. In 2015 Paton transitioned into the role of Visionary for EOS Worldwide.

An award-winning speaker and best-selling author of Get A Grip: An Entrepreneurial Fable (with Gino Wickman), Paton gives back by helping entrepreneurs harness EOS to clarify, simplify and achieve their Vision. He’s conducted nearly 1,000 full-day sessions with leadership teams of more than 100 companies and more than 100 dynamic, value-packed keynote talks and in-depth, interactive workshops. Whatever the venue and format, Paton attracts large audiences, receives consistently high ratings and introduces a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that help leaders “Get A Grip” on their business.