5 Best Email Marketing Practices

 Best Email Marketing Practices You Need to Use Are you using buttons in your emails? What about videos? Well, you should. Watch this video to discover 5 things you must do if you want your email marketing campaign to succeed.


I’m Bryan Caplan, CEO of BJC Branding, and I’m here to help you lock down your email marketing.

You know the best place to buy balloons is at the dollar store. That’s a dollar a balloon. When I was there the other day, I got a balloon for my wife, brought it home, and said, “I love you.” And really it made me think about email marketing, because it’s the small things, right? The small things add up. My wife loved it. I scored some major points. But even more, I thought, “How do the small things add up in email marketing?” And today, I want to share five best practices to really kick up your email marketing.

1. Use Buttons

Use buttons to increase your click-through rate by up to 45 percent. Instead of a regular text link, a button is going to help you because it’s an image, it’s eye-catching, and ultimately people know what to do with buttons. We see buttons, we press buttons.

2. Only One Call to Action

Consider having only one call to action. An email marketing campaign with only one call to action has an increased click-through rate of 371 percent.

3. Be Consistent

Use the same terminology, copy content, and imagery from your website in your email campaigns. Psychologically, people don’t like to be disrupted. Of course, in innovation and technology, disruptions are great. But when we’re talking about a consumer, they want to feel like they’ve been in the same place and talking to the same person, because people don’t like change. So be consistent in the way that you write your emails and the way that you set up your images in your emails. If someone ultimately clicks through the email and gets to your website and it looks the same and it’s seamless, then you have a higher chance of converting them.

4. Don’t Send One Giant Image

You may have an in-house graphic designer who is wonderful at using Photoshop and designing these beautiful PDFs, but giant images and email marketing just don’t work. Sixty-seven percent of the time, people don’t see images by default. So if you use one giant image, guess what? Seventy percent of the time, no one’s going to see what you’re sending. Plus, if you’re just sending a giant image in an email, spam filters will mark that as spam and kick you out faster than you can imagine.

5. Insert a Video

Bring Hollywood to the inbox. What do I mean by that? Insert a video. Of course you can’t insert an actual video into an email campaign. It just doesn’t work. The technology isn’t there. But you can insert a thumbnail with a little “play” button that will tell people if they click, they’re going to watch a video. The other thing is to insert the word “video” in the subject line. Consumers are 50 percent more apt to open your email if they know that they can play a video from it. And ultimately, whether you’re filming your own video or you’re having someone do it for you, try to keep it under 90 seconds to really play to people’s diminished attention spans.

About Bryan Caplan

Bryan Caplan helps businesses elevate their digital marketing. Award-winning CEO of BJC Branding and professional speaker, Bryan travels the country, presenting on a wide range of digital marketing topics.

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