Email Marketing: 5 Time-Saving Tips

 Email-Marketing-5 Time-Saving-Tips No more excuses! From using a master template to scheduling your campaigns, learn how to fit your email marketing campaigns into your busy schedule.


When I speak at conferences, I always pose the question, “Why wouldn’t you use email marketing?” The number one answer is usually “There is no time.” I am Bryan Caplan, CEO of BJC Branding, and I want to tell you about some time-saving tips to help you with email marketing.

1. Use a Master Template

A master template is when you build a campaign—let’s say it’s in Constant Contact—and you copy that campaign again and again. Now first off, you only want to copy the original campaign that you created because just like Multiplicity with Michael Keaton, they start getting dumber over time. The big thing about a master template is it makes sure that your brand is consistent. You have the same structure, the same images, the same elements, and what you’re doing is you’re playing to people’s need for habit, for expectations to be set and delivered upon. If people get the same email and they know where to find specific sections of that email, they’re more apt to click and take action.

2. Batching

Consider batching as basically doing the same thing in a small given time. If we are in the mind-set of creating emails and scheduling them, then can get them all done at once. So on a Sunday morning, 5:30, 6:00 a.m., you drink your coffee before everyone else gets up. Open up your laptop or sit at your computer and put your emails together and schedule them out for the next weeks or months.

3. Create a Folder on Your Desktop

Number three is a huge time-saver. Create a folder on your desktop. What you’re going to do is add royalty-free images that you find as you’re surfing the web into that folder. You can pull those up and upload them into your email marketing platform, like Constant Contact, and ultimately use those. So again, it’s something that you incorporate into your daily schedule but it’s a passive thing: you see an image, download it, and then you have it for the future.

4. Create a List

Use Microsoft Word or Google Docs and create a list of all of the articles that you would like to curate or mention in your future email campaigns. That way, you can just take away these articles as you use them. You have a nice library that’s set for you.

5. Consider Hiring Someone

Ford and Rockefeller surrounded themselves with people who were better and smarter for a reason. It helped them to breed success. The same can be done for you. So if you don’t feel like you have enough time, or maybe you don’t have the technical know-how, that’s where you can bring in a consultant or an expert to help you develop a template, devise your marketing strategy, or look at your analytics and figure out what to do next.

About Bryan Caplan

Bryan Caplan helps businesses elevate their digital marketing. Award-winning CEO of BJC Branding and professional speaker, Bryan travels the country, presenting on a wide range of digital marketing topics.

Bryan has provided digital marketing strategy to well over 1,000 businesses since 2010 and is a guest lecturer at Suffolk University School of Business. He is also a contributing columnist to several publications including GoDaddy, BlueHost, Constant Contact, BusinessTown, and the Boston Business Journal.