Data-Driven PR is Crucial for Your Business

  Data-driven PR campaigns should incorporate the latest news and trends so that your brand gains visibility. By using the right digital tools, you can attract attention to your company.

What is data-driven PR? I’m David Gerzof Richard, owner and founder president of Big Fish PR. I’m here to tell you little bit about data-driven PR.

Using Data To Your Advantage

All these news outlets out there, they all have their own traffic coming in to their websites. The reporters are out there, they’re all tweeting and posting information; they have their own blogs. There’s all sorts of information on on both the front and in the back end of the news cycle, and this is where data-driven PR comes in.

Four Steps To PR Success

There’s really four aspects to any PR campaign: There’s a research side, there’s a planning side, there’s a management side, and there’s measurement. At each one of those phases, data-driven PR plays a really critical role.

Phase 1: Research

On the research side you can use social media to find reporters that you might not have known existed who are covering your specific stories or industry or product and service. Look to social media; set up listening posts, do Twitter searches and Facebook searches. Look for reporters who are doing stories that are relevant to you, and then you can build your list and add links in so that you can go back and say, “this reporter is the right person for this story.”

Phase 2: Planning and Creation

On the planning and creation side, there’s all sorts of digital tools that you can use. Whether it’s Dropbox or Google Docs. sharing spreadsheets makes life so easy when you’re creating and planning a PR campaign. I highly recommend using the cloud for planning out any type of PR marketing program.

Phase 3: Management

On the management side, there’s all sorts of tools that you can use — some of them free, some of them paid — for being able to understand what’s going on in your particular industry. From a storytelling perspective, from the News Media perspective, and who the newsmakers are.

Phase 4: Measurement

On the measurement side, it gets even easier because you have this great free tool called Google Analytics. You can see what traffic is coming to your site, who is driving the traffic, and what your top referrers are. You could see, hey, maybe this news outlet is that I think is driving me a lot of traffic when actually it’s something smaller.

There is so much data out there. There is a wealth of information that is easily accessible and there are a lot of free tools to be able to find it. There’s things like a Listening Post, where you can put in a keyword. The most famous of these is Google Alerts, but it’s by far not the only one out there. You can type in keywords and be alerted when there are news stories around your particular topic or the keywords that are important to you. You can identify the reporters who are covering that. That is really critical and that is the type of data-driven PR that I’m talking about.

How PR Can Improve Your SEO

On the SEO side, certainly the PR work that you’re doing is going to be driving traffic to your website and you need to be aware of that. You can watch my video on SEO and PR and you’ll learn a little bit more about it there.

It is so critical today for publicists and for companies that are looking to do their own PR to understand not just the world of PR but also the world of data analytics — specifically Google Analytics.

About David Richard

David Gerzof Richard is the founder and president of BIGfish Communications, an award-winning public relations agency that works with disruptive innovation and technology brands. Over the past 16 years, David has successfully developed and executed numerous PR, marketing, and social influence campaigns across a broad range of industries. In 2003 David was appointed a professor at Emerson College where he currently teaches a range of marketing and public relations courses. He also lectures regularly at Harvard University and contributes to a variety of national online, print and broadcast business news outlets. David can be found on Twitter @DavidGerzof and on the web at