Dead Mice & the Enemy Within

  In this video, we discuss why it's important to not overthink things in business - too often we worry about things we cannot change.


So, the other day, I let slip to my wife about the dead mice that were in the light fixtures in the basement. I’ve been trying to put off mentioning this to her, because I knew she’d want me to take care of it right away, and I have more important things to do – like running my business, and of course especially playing with my trains.

Worrying About the Wrong Things

But, sure enough she had me diving into it. I had the rubber gloves on and I had a plastic bag so I looked like a member of a hazmat team. I climb up the ladder, I have the plastic container all ready to put the dead mice in, and whoa! There weren’t any dead mice there at all! They were figments of my imagination! For weeks, I had been working out and I was being taken down a notch thinking about those dead mice that I wasn’t dealing with, and they didn’t even exist! It was a phantom!

I worry incessantly in the back of my mind, and I get taken down a notch by worries I shouldn’t even have. I worry – a part of it is conditioning from past problems like cash flow issues, employee problems, customer problems – all that kind of stuff sizzles in the back of your mind and holds you back from being the best you can be. So, I think one of the ways you can get around this is you try to ask yourself rationally, what would I do today if I had no fear? If I evaluated risks as rationally as I could, what what I do to step ahead with my business today?

Rant & Rave

Ranting and raving may have a negative connotation in some scenarios, but for our Bob Adams, airing grievances and internal thoughts often helps to spark an innovative idea or two. Here, he explores some of the issues that have been troubling him, and tells past stories about his trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur. No story is too off-topic, as even the strangest experiences are chock full of business lessons and, often, hilarity.