Case Studies are the #1 Marketing Material

  Learn why no other marketing material can deliver the credibility of an industry-specific case study with compelling metrics.


As a founder, what marketing materials should you be spending your efforts on? I see a lot of founders, and myself included. early days who spent a lot of time, energy and money on marketing materials that are completely pointless when they’re starting off a business.

Case Studies Prove Results

I will tell you the only marketing material that I think matters in any way, shape, or form case studies. It is the number one thing that you should be focused on as a business. I don’t even care if you’re a startup. The only thing that I think the marketing department should focus are on case studies because those stories about the customer experience, and the results that you drive your customer are the number one competitive differentiator any of us have. Everybody else talks about we’re the leading provider of this, or were better, faster, cheaper whatever it is. Anything that we come up with that we say about us, doesn’t really resonate.

You know, if we have a third party like Gartner saying we’re in the fourth quadrant, yay! that’s fine third-party validation, but the number one thing that we have that differentiates us is our customers and not just our customers but again the results that we drive for our customers. Once we have that we can tell those stories and those stories usually, or those those results usually for a very specific profile. So for instance you go after your CEO in a certain industry, and you drove these type results for them, well then you look at that profile and you run a list of everybody that fits that profile you call them all up and tell the story.

Metrics Differentiate Your Message

My favorite way to run a call blitz, or to run a campaign is to actually reverse engineer a case study. Usually the case studies, if you look at the bottom of them, you can look at the results. Again for those marketers out there paying attention to this, it doesn’t matter if they significantly improved their whatever. No, I want metrics, as metric oriented as I can get, so I can come up with the message that says we showed this company in this industry how to drive these type of results. Not “on average our client CA. or “increased to a 30 percent..” No, “we showed this company in your industry how to drive these type of results,” so I can call everybody and say that we showed CEOs in manufacturing industry how to drive this type of result and I’d love to talk with you about it.

Then because if it’s a certain persona, I can come up with two or three questions that are directly relevant to that persona. The CEOs in the manufacturing industry have different priorities and CEOs in the healthcare industry, and then I got a story to tell. So now I can run my call campaigns. I can have good qualification calls, and I have really good stories to tell people and give to my sales reps to go out there and sell.

So if there’s anything that I can recommend as a founder as a small business is to really focus on getting those case studies in getting those stories and quantifiable results because it’s the number one competitive differentiator you have

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John Barrows currently provides sales training and consulting services to some of the world’s leading companies like, Linkedin, Apttus, DropBox, Box and many others.  His previous experiences span all aspects of Sales at every level from making 400 cold calls a week doing inside sales to running sales as a VP for his first start up and selling it to Staples.  

He’s an active sales professional who has learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work in Sales and loves sharing the tips and techniques he has found to have had an impact along the way. His main goal is to improve the overall education and quality of Sales by sharing ideas and techniques that work.

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