Cater Your Website to Your Audience

  Your website needs to be designed with your unique users in mind. To find out what your target audience is all about, employ these unique research strategies.


I know you can’t envision this now, but I actually used to have a really big fro. And I had trouble finding hair products that actually worked for me. So one time, I went into the store, and I saw a hairdryer, it had a black woman on the cover, and I took it out and I couldn’t actually use it on my hair. So even though it said it was designed for me, it really wasn’t. Hi, I’m Kristin Ransom, and today I’m going to talk to you about having a website that is designed specifically with your unique user in mind.

Interview Your Target User

As far as really organizing your thoughts, when you’re first developing your website, you can go and do some research on who your user is. So if your user, or rather if your target audience is let’s say millennial’s, 25 to 35, who work out. What you would do is go do some research and see what they’re doing. You know if your people are at CrossFit, take the time, actually go and interview some people. See what is it that they would want to see from your website, what would attract them to your website, and what would retain as customers.

Look at Look What Competitors Are Doing

Another thing that you can do is go and see who are your competitor sites. If you are a gym, like I said, one thing you might want to do is look at CrossFit, look at the way that their website is designed. Maybe look at Planet Fitness, look at the way their website is designed, and what items they have on their website, because obviously they’re doing well. Maybe you can use some of those same strategies to keep your visitors engaged, and to attract new visitors to your site.

Look at Different Marketing Materials

Another thing that you can do is look at different marketing materials that are kind of drawing in your audience. So for instance again if you’re looking at ages 25 to 35, what type of magazines are they reading? What types of newspapers or online articles are they reading? And if you find something that is really interesting to your audience, look at how that is designed as well, and see how you can draw some of those characteristics into your site.

About Kristen Ransom

Kristen Ransom is the CEO and Founder of IncluDe Software Development Company. She founded IncluDe with the goal of providing graphically stunning digital design services to minority and woman-owned businesses. Through IncluDe, Kristen and her team work closely with clients to create a digital experience that tells the client’s unique story.
Prior to starting IncluDe, Kristen used her love for user-centered design at a variety of companies to develop both hardware and software products fit for an increasingly diverse world. At Harley-Davidson for instance, she worked on foot peg, handlebar, and seat design for bikes geared towards smaller female riders. Similarly, at the Department of Transportation VOLPE, she worked on a team devoted to increasing airbag safety for shorter drivers sitting closer to the steering wheel.
Most recently, Kristen has worked on countless government contracts designing and developing intuitive and effective software for the Air Force and Army.
She aims to use IncluDe to combine her passion for tech and activism to provide a wealth of technical expertise to a diverse set of clients.
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