Keep Your Website Fresh with Engaging Content

  How do you keep your website fresh without diluting your brand? Don’t keep your page static and follow these tips to make sure your user base is engaged constantly.


Statistics show that 98% of marriages fail because people are boring.

Hello, I’m Kristen Ransom, and that statistic was very untrue, but the concept is! Today I’m going to talk to you about how to use your website to keep your relationship with your clients fresh.

I love Jet Magazine. If I went to Jet Magazine and I read the magazine and it was the same articles every week, every month, every edition, I’d probably switch to another magazine. So why would you do the same thing with your website? Why would you have your page look the same year after year after year? Now you’ve got your page up and running (I’m so proud of you!), the worst thing you could do is keeping your page static.

I would say if you’re not going to spruce it up very, very often at least go back to your website, move things around I’d say once a month. Make sure that you’re keeping things very engaging for your user base so that they want to return and so that they can see any new information that you have posted. There are a couple ways that you can do this.

Update Every Two Weeks

For those of you who are really passionate, you want to do this, you have the drive, you want to keep things spice up with your website, I would say put something like an article every two weeks g.

So that goes back to knowing your user base. So if you’re for instance like me, I have a software development company, so I know a lot of the people who are coming to me are interested in getting their websites done, they’re interested in doing their mobile apps.

So what I would do is I’d have an article on my website about how to create your prototype, how to keep your website engaging, etc. This way, you’re providing really meaningful content for your audience, and they kind of learn to trust you as an expert in the field. So that’s one way to do it.

Email Blasts Drive Traffic

Another way to do it is by having email blasts. So for instance, if you have events, you can make sure to blast your E-list and direct them to your website to learn more about that event.

Envision a Personal Relationship With Your Clients

And then the last thing that’s really cool that you can do is, if for instance you have video blogs, or any type of blog, you can create a new blog article, maybe every two weeks or at the minimum every month.

And that way, you’re keeping things fresh, you’re giving your audience and your users a reason to come back. I know it’s a weird analogy, but I often think of the relationship with your clients like a relationship. If your husband’s coming back every day, doesn’t pay you any attention, no flowers, can I get a meal, nothing? Then your relationship is kind of on the decline.

So I would say keep this relationship with your clients the same way. What do they want from me? What can I give them to keep them coming back? What can I do to really help them reach their goal, their personal goals? It’s really a personal relationship.

About Kristen Ransom

Kristen Ransom is the CEO and Founder of IncluDe Software Development Company. She founded IncluDe with the goal of providing graphically stunning digital design services to minority and woman-owned businesses. Through IncluDe, Kristen and her team work closely with clients to create a digital experience that tells the client’s unique story.
Prior to starting IncluDe, Kristen used her love for user-centered design at a variety of companies to develop both hardware and software products fit for an increasingly diverse world. At Harley-Davidson for instance, she worked on foot peg, handlebar, and seat design for bikes geared towards smaller female riders. Similarly, at the Department of Transportation VOLPE, she worked on a team devoted to increasing airbag safety for shorter drivers sitting closer to the steering wheel.
Most recently, Kristen has worked on countless government contracts designing and developing intuitive and effective software for the Air Force and Army.
She aims to use IncluDe to combine her passion for tech and activism to provide a wealth of technical expertise to a diverse set of clients.
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