Small Business Marketing – How to Use Your Brochures as a Marketing Tool for Better Results

Have you considered how important it is for your business to educate customers about what it does and the products or services it offers?

It is necessary to be able to educate potential and current customers about why your company will bring value into their lives. This should be information that reinforces the value proposition and that facilitates how your customer approaches your business.

A practical and inexpensive way to do this is to ask experts in brochure printing services to help produce a printed brochure that educates your potential customers.

Tips for making a brochure that serves as a marketing tool:

Photography + Message

This is the first part of the brochure. It is important, as far as possible, to use a photo that represents your business and that the message that is transmitted encourages the reader to continue reading more. For example, if the brochure is about a service, place the benefit of the service as the title.

The Message of Your Brochure

To make the message of your brochure effective, remember the purpose of your brochure is to allow the person to: know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer, in relation to your business.

About (What You Do)

This section is where the customer can obtain information about what your business does. In a few words, it is an opportunity you have to educate them. You can use a free online business description tool to generate the initial text.

Business Strengths

In this part you can communicate the strongest points of your business. For example, if you are number one in your sector (say why), if you have endorsements from other entities such as ISO, accreditations, certifications, etc. The purpose of this part is to ensure confidence in your business.


This part of the brochure focuses on communicating the benefits that your product or service provides. It does not focus on the “what” of your business but rather on the “for what” that the customer will perceive. It is important to talk about the benefits, what your product does to meet the need or problem of the customer.

Acquire Service or Product

For this section, educate the client on the steps they need to follow to acquire what you offer. You have to be clear about the action that the person who reads it must take. Try to summarize it in a maximum of 3 steps, or fewer if possible.

Images / Graphics

It is important to provide images or graphics in your brochure so that it is not just text. A good tip for making a brochure is to add more than one illustrative photo. Try to avoid generic or stock photos. Use a photo or illustration that is a true reflection of your business.


In this part of the brochure you can share customer testimonial so that your readers can see the point of view of satisfied customers that have already made use of your service or product.


The contact section can be a small banner at the end of the brochure and must contain at least your website, email, and telephone number.

When you have finalized the layout and messaging, get competitive quotes for A5 brochure printing before deciding on which printing service to hire to produce your brochures.