Stop Postponing Your Business’ Growth – Try These Tips


Getting Your Head In The Game

Ultimately, a business that you proactively run is an extension of your own body—in a metaphysical sense. If the head of the body (in this case the boss/owner) isn’t in good shape, the body (the company) won’t be.

According to, OptiMind is “…a brain-enhancing ‘nootropic’ stack purported to grant users a whole array of amazing mental health benefits.”

So you want to get your head in the game and lead by example, and in a very literal sense that involves supplemental health solutions. Additionally, you would be well-advised to provide such health solutions for your staff. Your staff will perform better if they are thinking clearly and critically.

In addition to providing health supplements and wellness programs, it’s also important to look at infrastructure. Do you rent or own your own building? If you’re smart about refurbishing a property, you can actually build your own office space and own it (as well as the land it sits on) for less than the cost of rental when calculated over time.

Of course, whether or not this works for you will depend on the kind of business you own. If you must be downtown, this solution probably won’t work, but if the products or services your business provides don’t need to be located in the cultural and economic center of your municipality, this is a great idea.

2,000 Square Feet Under $100k

You can actually build prefabricated metal structures for between $16 and $25 per square foot. Install solar panels and wind energy and you can get off the grid. At that rate, if you’re smart about outfitting the interior with decorations and insulation, you could get the whole thing done for $50 per square foot or under; even if it’s not a prefabricated metal building.

At 2,000 square feet, that’s $100,000. Now if you’re paying for office space downtown, or even not downtown; just in general, $2,000 a month is a pretty conservative estimate for rental costs. That’s $24,000 a year, or $96,000 in four years. That means if you built your own office inside a year, within five it’s paid you back.

Make Operations Painless

Next, focus on operational infrastructure. According to, online timesheets: “…make timesheets and payroll painless.” These can be used via the cloud so that employees can clock in and start work wherever they happen to be.

Speaking of the cloud, using HaaS (Hardware as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) can allow you to outsource what would traditionally require in-house server solutions. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

One Final Consideration

Lastly, If you need to raise money for such innovations, you might try a crowdsourced solution like, one of many sites to raise money for nonprofits and also chiefly advantageous one for small businesses and startups as it features the: “lowest fees and free crowdfunding options since 2006.”

If you want a plant to grow, you’ve got to give it good soil. You’ve got to give it good nutrients. You’ve got to prune it regularly—you’ve got to take an active hand in its outward expansion! Your business is precisely the same, so don’t neglect the details! As they say, the devil’s in the details; and the profits can be in them too!

Author Bio:

Kevin Bennett is an SEO marketer with OutreachMama who designs value-rich content aimed at increasing clientele for expanding businesses. Networking, building partnerships and providing quality products with shareable value make this possible. He’s an author (Amphibian and The Thief and the Sacrifice to his credit) whose professional writing follows business trends in technology, marketing, SEO application, and much more.