Stronger Together: 4 Ways in Which SEO and PPC Make a Great Team

Often times, search engine optimization (SEO) is regarded as something that you will see in a different context than pay-per-click (PPC). However, many people are unaware of the potential these two have when put together. There is no doubt that SEO and PPC can make a great team. This is backed by the sheer potential that comes with incorporating both elements for a greater purpose, with one complementing the other and vice versa. Check out some of the ways in which search strategies benefit from the joint efforts of both SEO and PPC.

A lot more visible

There seems to be a pattern where a lot of people decide to tone down or drop PPC from their initiatives after seeing that there is a search term that has claimed the top spot. However, many of them fail to realize that in the case of most SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), PPC efforts still dominate the first three result spots. This can become much more profitable once SEO is introduced in to the picture, as it gives off a strong “established” vibe—not to mention the “spotlight” involved for using them both.

Double the data pool for keyword analysis

Your strategy can greatly benefit from a more refined take on keywords. You are able to handpick the very best for your efforts by recruiting the services of both SEO and PPC so that you have access to double the data. Data analysis plays an important role in tracking efficient keywords across both spectrums and bringing them together for a highly optimized campaign.

Scouting ahead saves times and uncovers potential

No one doubts the benefits of SEO, but incorporating PPC will help tremendously with tracking potential for conversions. What that means is that by using PPC, you are able to quickly find the ads that best perform and are optimal for conversion. It has been observed that PPC results will usually give out a pretty descriptive picture for SEO as well.

Bad press can be countered a lot easier

It is the nature of things that a business will sometimes step on someone’s foot. When that happens, you can be prepared for the bad reviews or just overall negative comments by using the joint efforts of SEO and PPC. Controlling the keyword results on both spectrums gives you a lot more control and options as to how to deal with such incidents. Only using one will limit your efficiency and say in the matter. Didia and other service providers can help you better use the combined power of PPC and SEO to combat backlash or negativity aimed towards your organization or business.

That being said, there are a lot of reasons for which one mustn’t ignore SEO in favor of PPC, or the other way around. Their combined set of tools will make for a much stronger campaign.