Tips for Exhibiting at a Trade Show for the First Time


Exhibiting at a trade show for the very first time can feel daunting. With a mountain of leads to take and a plethora of people to meet and greet, it can be hard to know where to start and how to do the very best for your company. Here are a few top tips to help you have a successful show.

Learn the Layout

Most exhibitions will release floor plans of the show before the event to help you create an itinerary. From knowing the answers to important questions such as, “Where is the nearest toilet?” and “Where are my competitors,” being aware of where you should look before the big day will help you save time without getting lost.

Know How to Greet People

At exhibitions, you’ll see a vast array of sales skills on show. From the passive “let them come to me” to the aggressive “you must talk to me.” The right way is somewhere in the middle (although not passive- aggressive!)
Stand toward the front of your display and greet people as they pass – start with a simple smile and a hello, and if they bite, ask them an opening question to assess whether they need your product or service.

Have the Right Display

Your display’s job is to help draw attention to your brand and toward you – it’s then up to you to do the talking.
Before the event, think about the supplies you’ll need to draw attention to your brand, such as banners, tablecloths and even accessories like literature stands that can keep your stand neat and tidy. If you’re missing anything, Marler Haley exhibition supplies can provide a quick turn-around for most items, so it’s hardly ever too late.

Wear the Right Clothes

Exhibition halls can be both hot and cold venues, so it’s important to wear layers when exhibiting – especially if you’ve not been to that venue before. Also, consider that you’ll be on your feet for the entire day, so flat, comfortable shoes will keep your feet happy and your mind concentrated on converting visitors to leads rather than on your aching feet.

How to Behave

It may seem trivial, but knowing how to behave at an exhibition could be the difference between making and breaking a sale. At an event, you are representing your brand, so it’s important that you treat it as if you are on show all the time – even if you think nobody is watching or interested.

Make sure that mobile phones are banned when exhibiting and leave checking them until your break times when you are away from your stand. Don’t sit down on your stand if you have a seat, as this makes people feel as if they can’t come up to you. Also, avoid negative body language such as crossing your arms and leaning against your display.

Be Prepared

Anything can happen at an exhibition, so it’s important to make sure you go prepared with supplies, such as a bottle of water and any first aid supplies that you may need. If you’re traveling to the venue, make sure you know your route before the day and plan to arrive early in case of delays, as having to rush will only add to stress levels.

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