Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Incorporation Company

Before starting their dream business, a lot of people’s finances are tight. One way that many people choose to save money in this instance is by doing the incorporation themselves instead of utilizing a company specializing in incorporation. But it may not be worth the money you save for you to do it yourself; in fact, it may be important that you utilize a company that knows what it is doing when it comes to incorporation.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should let a company specializing on incorporations handle all of the incorporation process rather than doing it yourself.

As an example we’ll use one of the biggest incorporation companies IncParadise based in Las Vegas, NV, which has been offering its services since 2001.

1. The time you’ll need to spend

If this is your first time incorporating a business, you’ll have to spend a significant portion of time on research – what documents to send, how to fill them out, when and where to send them, and so on – and another portion of time doing all of this. When you leave this to IncParadise or another incorporation company, it will cost you only $89 and it all will be done for you.

2. Dealing with state specifics

Each state has its own specifics – like some type of document that other states don’t require or some special fees. While this isn’t a problem when you are incorporating in a popular state like Delaware or Wyoming for which there is a ton of information online, a problem may occur if you’re incorporating in a not so popular state like Maine or Rhode Island for which there’s as much information available online and customer support at some Secretaries of State’s Offices isn’t very good either.

3. Uncertainty

Even if you complete the entire process, you’ll probably feel uncertain about whether you’ve done all the things you needed to. If you decide to go with IncParadise, you don’t have to worry. Experts at incorporation companies have incorporated thousands of corporations for their clients and thanks to this experience it’s almost impossible that they will overlook or forget to do something. You can be 100% confident that your company will be incorporated correctly and you’ll face no problems in the future.

4. Notifications about submitting documents

Paperwork doesn’t end with incorporating your company – actually, you’ll have to get back to it every year. Every state requires companies to file some documents once a year (often on different dates). Some states have fewer documents to file and fees to pay, some have more. For example, in Nevada you have to submit an Annual list, renew your Business license, and more. When you decide to incorporate with IncParadise, you’ll be notified about all of this on time and you can easily manage it in the client’s interface called IncContact. If you don’t dare to do it yourself, IncPardise can file these documents for you for a small fee.

5. Having a registered agent

Every company is required to have a registered agent. Incorporation companies often offer this service. IncParadise offers this service in all US states. The company offers other services that you may need along with incorporation as well. This will allow you to have everything organized and under one roof.


As you can see, there’s really no reason to handle incorporation yourself. You can leave all of this stuff to an incorporation company like IncParadise and you can fully focus on starting up your business.