Using Social Media for Business: 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Being aware of the latest social media trends is important for every business owner, but knowing the culprits for unsuccessful marketing is also a must. It won’t really matter how hard you try to select the best content or use the popular platforms, if you are unaware of the most common mistakes made in terms of social media. So, if you want to let social media do its magic and build a successful business for you, here are the 5 biggest mistakes you must avoid before it is too late.

1. Auto-Posts Cross Platforms

Cross-platform posting has been available for several years now, and is probably one of the most time-effective solutions that came out after the post-scheduling option. Such platforms allow busy people to publish their content on a single social media platform and auto-post the same piece on all other social media networks.

Yes, this is an amazing tool that saves up a lot of time in the long run, but did you know that the best marketing strategy is to design your posts according to the particular platform in mind? After all, every platform is different in its own way, so you need to approach each one with a unique strategy, not one generalized approach.

One size does not fit all. And even though people will consume your content from all platforms, you should take the time to optimize the content specifically for each platform you are planning to use for promotion.

2. Not Addressing Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is inevitable. When it happens, you have three choices: ignore it, fight it, or take it in stride. But, be careful – your response can seriously affect your business and brand.

There are many cases when customers post negative comments about a business or service. Unfortunately, there are many occasions where business owners actually disgruntled these customers, or deleted their posts entirely. You should never do this!

Social media is successful because it is authentic. If you delete a post from a customer, you are giving an impression that your business is as bad as the feedback suggests, and you are trying to hide it. When a customer notices this, they will think you have deleted all bad comments, even if you had only one or two.

Dealing with the problems is a trait of a successful business person. If you leave bad feedback on the social media platform, this can only earn you more brand loyalty. After all, if your product or service is as good as you promise, one piece of bad feedback among hundreds of positive comments will not influence people in not choosing you.

We don’t say that you should avoid these comments altogether. Rather than doing this, why not use the opportunity to respond promptly and thoughtfully, in a way that showcases your professionalism and commitment to customer service? It is a win-win situation!

3. Stealing Content

Are you stealing posts for the social media platforms? Stop doing this right away! The target audience of your social media outlets also looks at your competitors content, since, after all, you will be stealing content related to your business.

Having stolen content on the social media is embarrassing and bad for your brand. But this is not all. If you get caught by person who originally created the content, and you haven’t given proper credit, this is a copyright infringement. You can get into a serious legal situation only because you did not want to spend the time writing your own content.

4. Overselling

The social media is a channel for promoting your business, but not a place to push the message over and over again. As with every marketing strategy, there is a time, place and consistency of promoting your products and services, which is why overselling is one of the top five mistakes you can make when using social media for business.

Social media platforms are all about building brand awareness and relationships. Their purpose is not to serve as commercials for your business. The trick here is to see social media as a way to promote your business, not a place to overwhelm customers until the point that they find your offer to be no longer attractive. This is a type of an unwritten code on how much and how often you should post on social media. Be careful about losing your fans for good and violating social media by overselling.

How Can you Achieve This?

Plan your posts and spread them out accurately. Make sure to post every day, but not too much. You can even re-post the same posts and tweets, but for a limited number of times. After the third or second time, chances are your audience has already seen them at least once!

5. Not Posting

The only thing worse than posting too much is not posting at all. Most business owners stop posting once they build a good audience. Doing this can ruin the social media presence and success faster than you can think, and make you start from the beginning all over again.

Maintaining a strong reputation online is easier than building it from scratch or re-building it once you failed. To keep your business successful, stay afloat in social media. Post at least once a day and be committed to your followers. They are the target audience you were aiming to attract, and they are expecting you to remain active.

Always Do Your Research

A good social media marketing strategy requires careful planning and execution. Always do your research and keep your audience in mind when posting. And most importantly, try to avoid these five mistakes at all costs. They can be detrimental to your business success and online presence.

About the Author:
Justin is a marketing specialist and blogger from Leicester, UK. When not working and rooting for Leicester FC, he likes to discuss new trends in digital marketing and share his own ideas with readers on different blogs and forums. Currently, he is working as a content marketer at Bestdissertation. You could follow Justin on Facebook and Twitter.