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How to Utilize Technology to Boost Sales


In an increasingly digital world, both large companies and small businesses need to use technology to reach their full potential. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar business, an online store or both, there are several ways to incorporate and expand on technology to increase sales.

The following are five great ways to utilize technology to boost your business’s sales.

Provide Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi isn’t just for cafes and coffee shops. A store that enables customers to freely use the internet may encourage people to come in more often and stay longer. Even if customers don’t always purchase more, this will give you more foot traffic and a chance for potential customers to become more familiar with you and your brand.

It may also mean that customers are more likely to discuss and review your products on social media when they’re in your store. Businesses can use free Wi-Fi to their advantage by including a default home page that features current promotions and offers.

Increase Mobile Options

Both online shopping and purchasing are being done on mobile devices at a rapidly increasing pace. Everything from reloading gift cards and renewing memberships to making quick and easy payments can be done via mobile. Allowing mobile payments for your business will increase sales by encouraging spontaneous purchases.

It will also streamline your payment process and potentially simplify your invoice and billing system. Your employees should also be adequately trained to regularly use mobile devices as well. Employees can then more easily engage in social networking, manage their calendars, and check email.

Improve Social Media Presence

The key is to focus in on what type of social media will best promote your business. If you own a bakery or create designer gowns, you would likely want to focus on visual advertising. This means putting more emphasis on Instagram. If you’re a lawyer or a plumber that provides specialized services, you could start a blog on your website giving advice or writing blog posts about your particular field.

Promoting your business, however, is only half the battle. Utilizing technology to its fullest also means finding ways to interact with your customers. This could include setting up chat times for customers to comment and make suggestions on your products or services.

Place iPads on the Counter

Putting tablets for customers to use where they make their purchase is a good way to encourage them to sign up for your mailing list. Many times, employees will ask customers for their email address and find out whether they want to sign up to receive advertisements and newsletters. People who are hesitant to give the information to a third party may be willing to type in the information themselves on a conveniently placed tablet. Once customers are on your mailing list, this may lead to both more in-store sales as well as online sales.

Upgrade Security

With so many recent security breaches, online security is a major issue for most shoppers. To show customers you’re serious about protecting their personal information you need to maximize your online security and then display how you’re handling the security on your website. Your security seal should be prominently showcased on your site.

Make sure to have a security plan in place and then periodically check the plan to make sure it’s sufficient. If you can fit it in the budget, it may be beneficial to hire a professional firm to run an audit on your system. It’s important that both employees and customers know that you’re serious about security.

Technology can be utilized in numerous ways within a business, and those stated above are only a few of the tactics you can implement to help boost your business sales. Stay updated and modern to keep your customers interested and invested.

Mizzy Moore is a 24-year-old content writer and blogger with a passion for literature