How Videos Help Grab Your Audience’s Attention

There is a popular saying that a picture speaks a thousand words. You can only imagine how many works a video speaks…

Well, thruth is the advertising and marketing world has recently undergone a tremendous transformation. Gone are the days of distributing pamphlets and publishing newspaper classifieds who initially used to be the primary sources of marketing. The broadcast media introduced marketing via videos. Nowadays, the Internet is taking this form of marketing to the next level. Perhaps, it is because of the efficiency videos have when it comes to grabbing audience attention. The promos created by firms like mysimpleshow has helped skyrocketing sales of many companies.

Why do people prefer watching videos?

The first and foremost reason is that it saves significant time. Nowadays, the public has become busier than ever. Time is one of the things they care the most about. They have to access to a lot of things happening in the world. People want to grasp plenty of information. Perhaps, it could be the reason for the increasing popularity of videos.

In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to call your marketing incomplete if it doesn’t include a video

Besides, videos can make people familiar with your brand in a friendlier way. It is not just an informational session but an experience as well. According to a research, people remember more about a topic after watching than just reading about it.

The huge popularity of video hosting websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and others point in that direction as well. Also, everyday, short videos are helping social media like Instagram, Vine, making millions.

Fall in the number of readers

Online, the number of article reader is falling. In fact, they prefer watching a video than reading about them. As per a recent study, people go through only 18percent of the article they are on. In fact, people are just spending a couple of seconds for reading even long articles. It indicates that articles are not proving effecting in drawing attention.

The potential growth in videos

As per Cisco’s 2014 Visual Networking Index released in the year 2014, sixty-four percent of Internet traffic is formed by the videos. The agency also predicts that by the year 2019, it would comprise eighty percent of entire Internet traffic. In the year 2015, the money spent on videos was around $7.77 billion. The amount is increasing every year. In the upcoming four years, it would become double. Also, different companies have emerged for creating user explanation videos in last few years.

Get your brand’s video via professionals

The simplest and recommended way is by hiring companies like mysimpleshow. You will get a professional and appealing video for your brand. You should not take it casually. It is not about filming down yourself while reciting details. In fact, doing so may harm your brand’s reputation. You should always prefer mavens.

To sum up, videos can significantly draw audience’s attention and generate revenues. You should include it in the channels you use to market your brand.